The Best Online Project Management Services (Free and Paid)

If you’re a business owner, you likely already know the importance of your team or employees working productively and being on the same page with respect to all work processes.

If you try to do this manually, however, you might go crazy. But with the help of a good project management service that serves the specific needs of your business and team well, you can build a robust work process and system that will not only boost the overall productivity and output of your team but also reduce human error, ensure smooth work processes and make communication and collaboration easier and faster.

In this post we are going to dig deep into the best project management software out there, both free and paid.

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Free vs. Paid – What Should be Your Choice?

A lot of people think choose a free software by default, often without even considering their needs. Unfortunately, if you follow this approach you may end up paying more in terms of lost productivity over time than what you would pay for a full-service, paid project management software.

That’s not saying a free software shouldn’t be an option, though. If you’re a small team and just starting out, you may consider going for a free service and switch to a paid option once your needs grow.

Similarly, if you’re only going to need a project management software for a couple small projects or so, then a good free option may make sense.
But that’s pretty much it. If you think you can rely on a free software for all your needs over the long term, we suggest you think again.

A lot goes into making a good project management software that can really make a difference in your team’s productivity and setting up a smooth workflow, and developer companies aren’t going to offer so much for free.

While many of the paid services offer a free version of their software as well, they are quite limited in their features and functionality. A lot of useful features are missing, and you may not even be able to add all your team members if you have a large team.

Best Free Project Management Services

So with that said, let us list a few project management services that you can try or use for free, but remember the limitations we explained above before signing up for them.


ClickUp Homepage

One of the few options you can truly consider a free option. They offer a lot of things for free, including unlimited users, no limitations with respect to the tasks or projects you can create or manage, as well as a good few features that most other services would charge a premium price for.


Trello Demo

Not exactly a full-service project management software, but it’s a good free option. Just like ClickUp, it supports unlimited users, tasks and boards as well. As far as the design and interface is concerned, however, Kanban boards are going to be your only option.

Except for its not-so-appealing design and interface though, it’s a pretty neat free option even for large teams.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects demo

It’s one of the best project management service, but they offer a free version as well as a 10-day free trial.

It offers a wide range of helpful features, ease of use and setup, simple task tracking functionality and a Gantt chat viewer.
It’s free version, however, is only limited to 3 users, so unless you have a very small team it might not work for you

Best Premium Project Management Services

When we say premium, we mean full-service, advanced project management services that do not come free. The prices do vary, but we have mostly considered their features, functionality, customizability and how useful they are to your team’s productivity when ranking them below.

However, you must note that we have ranked them on different factors as well, so more than the order we have ranked them in you need to consider your specific needs and how well the below services meet them. Home

We recommend as the best premium option for users who want the best of features and functionalities, the most in terms of customizations and a high level of automation all with the kind of ease and simplicity that even a complete beginner can get going on the platform within minutes of registration.

That’s something we didn’t really find with any other project management platform, and that’s the reason we think truly stands out as a complete, advanced but easy to use project management service.

Unlike some other options – especially the free ones like Trello – you aren’t forced to settle for a particular type of interface. Kanban, Gantt, Calendar and a lot more, you have the option to choose whatever fits the bill best for you.

You also don’t have to spend much time setting things up or trying to figure out the best work process for your team. There are over 200 premade templates to choose from with drag and drop functionality to allow customization as well.
All the updates are synced in real time and no manual work is needed. In fact, puts a lot of emphasis on helping you automate routine, mundane tasks and let you focus on your ‘real’ work.

The pricing isn’t the cheapest but there’s definitely a lot of value in what they offer at their different price points.


ClickUp pricing

While being our top free project management option, ClickUp is also one of the best premium project management software. It’s probably the best bet for you if you have a large team and don’t want to spend a fortune while also making sure you get pretty much the best in terms of overall functionality.

The price to feature ratio with ClickUp is hard to beat. It’s a surprisingly easy to use platform, but without limiting its functionality in any way.

You can do a lot in one place:

  • Manage projects
  • Create plans
  • Assign tasks
  • Do brainstorming for new projects
  • Making schedules while keeping everyone in the loop
  • Creating a centralized workspace
  • Effectively communicating with all team members
  • Collaborating on different tasks and projects without too much back and forth
  • Lots of features for effective, convenient task management
  • Lots of options in the form of calendars, Gantt charts, timelines and other visual elements
  • Over 1000 integrations
  • Truly unlimited plan at just $5 per member per month


Wrike Home page

If you’re after an advanced, versatile and powerful project management system, you can’t go wrong with Wrike. While it’s certainly a bit on the expensive side, the plethora of features it brings to the table can make it worth every penny depending on your needs.

The interface is modern yet simple and straightforward, and it has all the essential features your team would ever need for effective work management and collaboration. In fact, depending on the account type you choose, you can also get some great upgrades like time management and tracking functionality, social media performance analysis and more.

It allows a fair amount of customization too. You can choose from Gantt graphics, calendar and other options.

Then there are different resource management views to help you keep a track of everything in one place, real-time alerts, a lot of integrations that can even go a long way in helping you with your marketing campaigns and more.

The learning curve is surprisingly low for such an advanced project management software. However, the initial setup can be a bit tricky, as the different account types vary quite a bit from one another.

Our suggestion would be to simply get in touch with one of their customer service executives and let them help you choose the best account type based on your needs.