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Small Business Owner Success Tips For Using Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon

Daily deal sites like Groupon can be a small business owner’s greatest tools for generating sales. However, daily deal websites can also cause more harm than good if the business owner doesn’t do his/her homework upfront. Most daily deal business models take about 50% of all coupon sales leaving the business owner with only 25% of the original price amount for the product or service. That’s because most deals sold there offer 50% off the original price. As you can see, it can be quite costly for any entrepreneur to utilize a deal distribution service. What’s more, if you’re not prepared for the [ … ]

Best Social Group Buying Sites For Daily Deals And Deep Discounts

Group buying sites leverage the power of collective bargaining to provide incredible local deals that offer huge savings for consumers while also promising spectacular sales numbers to participating merchants. As a result, these group deal sites have become immensely popular and successful for all parties involved. Most local group coupon sites offer short-term daily deals that discount products and services by more than 50% off and therefore usually sell out of such offerings within just a few hours. In this review list we’ve identified some of the top group buying sites that are currently available. If you’re a local merchant, you [ … ]

Social Networking Demographics: Who Has Smartest and Wealthiest Users?

Using Quantcast analytics from last month (April 2008), I recently compiled data on the most popular social networking sites to determine which ones have the most educated and most wealthy user base. Social networking sites included in the analysis were largely based on the Compete list of top social networks, the total U.S. estimated monthly uniques for the month of April (as reported by Quantcast), and author interest. No surprises here with MySpace and Facebook at the top. It is interesting to note that Facebook’s user base ranks much higher than MySpace’s user base in terms of wealth and education level. It is not necessarily a big [ … ]

Ultimate Facebook Guide: How To, Tips, Tricks, Etiquette

Given Facebook’s widespread use, I thought it would be helpful create a sort of Facebook guide that includes how to instructions, tips, tricks, and proper etiquette for using Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site that’s become a great resource for keeping track of friends, meeting new people, and promoting your own business, organization, group, and cause. For many individuals Facebook is a great entertainment resource too. There are tons of Facebook game applications that millions of people play on a daily basis. At times however, your innocent game activities may become quite the nuisance to your friends. There are [ … ]

Are Facebook And Digg Hijacking Content, Traffic, Potential Revenue From Publishers?

With Twittermania running rampant, the latest craze is the new social media sharing toolbars that are popping up everywhere. Because Twitter users are limited to only 140 character tweets, url shortening has become essential. Toolbars like HootSuite, Krumlr, and the DiggBar initially sound like a great ideas in that they enable visitors to easily share your content. However, what most people fail to realize is that it is essentially framing your website and thereby hijacking it and it’s traffic. Furthermore, when they choose to share your content, some of them create a shortened url that points directly back to their [ … ]

Top 10 Best Free Online Project Management Application Services

Projects require lots of planning, organization, communication, and coordination between members. Popular online project management applications address the following functions in getting things done: Project planning Task management Document sharing Contact management Time tracking Communication tools Issue handling Reports Notifications After scanning the web in search of the more popular free web-based project management applications available, I gave them all a spin. I have compiled the list below along with a brief summary of their provided features for free accounts. Basecamp – A premier project collaboration service that many top companies utilize. Features include the ability to create and manage projects, [ … ]

How the Internet Changed the Casino Industry in Spain

The internet reshaped the way we work, live, and perceive the world around us. People used to make phone calls back in the day, but now they have social network channels to maintain communication with those close to them. Since most people have an internet connection, they have pretty much moved their lives online. Because of that, they are largely responsible for the rise of the online casino industry. If we look at Spain, we can see that the largest Spanish casino companies boast millions of casino enthusiasts who just love the convenience and accessibility of the best Spanish casino [ … ]