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3062218398 57bb20cb40 m Widget LocationizerWidget Locationizer is a WordPress plugin that gives you total control over your widgets by letting you decide when and where they appear.  For example, you may not want the same widgets in your sidebar to load for all posts or pages on your website.  Instead it would be smarter to customize your sidebar and load more relevant ads or content widgets that are specific to each post or page being shown.  The Widget Locationizer plugin permits you to customize your sidebar for each and every post, page, and archive (via tags and categories) if you wish.


How Does It Work?

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Turn on/off Locationizer and Follow settings by navigating to Settings > Widget Location and Following
  3. Go to your widgets and assign the page id, tags, and/or categories for the widget as well as a nofollow or dofollow status for the widget’s content (see screenshot below)

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Features of Widget Locationizer

  1. Display widget according to assigned TAGS
  2. Display widget according to assigned CATEGORIES
  3. Display widget according to assigned POST/PAGE IDS
  4. Display widget EVERYWHERE (i.e. every post/page, category, tag, archive, etc.)

Benefits of Widget Locationizer

  • Improve SEOby eliminating content duplication in your sidebar(s)
  • Greater advertising revenue – through better ad targeting via the ability to assign specific ads to a single post, page, tag, or category
  • Total customization of all your sidebars with ease – widgets don’t have to appear on every post or page anymore!
  • Ability to display more ads and product widgets without cluttering up your sidebars
  • Smarter product placement
  • Attain greater click-through rates – through improved ability to match sidebar ads to the post’s or page’s content
  • Higher product conversions and sales – ability to spotlight your products in the sidebar on a given post, page, tag, or category without it being overshadowed by other widgets
  • Reduce PageRank leakage in your sidebars – each widget can now be assigned as ‘nofollow’ and all links or ads will not pass on PageRank
  • Pass on PageRank from your sidebar – lets you assign ‘dofollow’ to any widget and content within the widget
  • Keep your sidebars fresh and interesting – permits you to display a variety of content in your sidebar to maintain visitor interest
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Click the link below to get the free download:

Widget Locationizer Download