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WordPress review plugins and themes allow one to convert a blog into full blown WordPress review site or they may simply add the ability for readers to rate your WP posts. WordPress review plugins and themes also provide a way for users to monetize their blog; reviews that contain rich content about a specific product or service combined with user based reviews represent a very attractive target for visitors and search engines. Thankfully there are many free and paid WordPress plugins and themes that address these specific needs. Below we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best WordPress review themes and plugins that are currently available. If you’re looking for other WP related products to enhance your blog, make sure you check out our premium WordPress plugins directory.

WordPress Review Plugins

wp review engine Best WordPress Review Plugins, Themes For Your BlogWP Review Engine – A premium plugin for WordPress that permits admins and users to rate and review products. Notable features for this plugin include comment ratings, custom fields for comments, easy customization of colors and element styling, Google Maps integration, zip code based localization, post icons, support for multiple languages, importation of data via CSV, comparison tables, automatically generate comments, sidebar widgets, search engine optimization, the ability to change the order of posts, Google Analytics integration, customized icon sets for comparison tables, and affiliate linking support. The WP Review Engine plugin works with any theme and permits the user to add reviews to both WordPress posts or pages.

wp review site Best WordPress Review Plugins, Themes For Your BlogWP Review Site – This is a WordPress premium plugin that’s been around for some time now. It is frequently upgraded and the staff offers good quality support for its customers. Features of the plugin include the ability to rate comments and products, create comparison tables, sidebar widgets, Google Maps integration, sort posts by number of reviews or by ratings, microformat (hReview) support, multiple themes, and management of affiliate links.

reviewspress Best WordPress Review Plugins, Themes For Your BlogreviewsPRESS – A WP premium plugin that permits you to quickly create your own niche review website using your WordPress blog. Plugin owners can utilize terrific features such comment ratings, automatic rating calculations, comparison charts, weighted ratings, the ability to display the number of positive and negative ratings per product, and product rating averages.

review plugin for wordpress Best WordPress Review Plugins, Themes For Your BlogWF Review – A WordPress premium plugin that can import product RSS from popular affiliate programs like Commission Junction in just matter of a few minutes. The result is a powerful review site or directory full of article postings and rich product based content. Features include the ability to schedule the importation of large CSV files and custom fields, automatically add or remove posts, a customizable product ratings system, the ability to import tags/categories/subcategories, auto-generate ratings, Google Maps integration, support for Google Snippets, sidebar widgets, keyword link management, comparison tables, and Google Analytics integration.

reviewazon Best WordPress Review Plugins, Themes For Your BlogReviewAZON – This is a WordPress premium plugin that allows the user to integrate Amazon affiliate product reviews to one’s WordPress blog. Content created by the WP admin contains things like customer ratings, product details and descriptions, user reviews, and product pricing. Other important features of the plugin include YouTube video search, AJAX based product search, HTML templates, integration with eBay, sidebar widgets, SEO friendly design, customer reviews, and ability to quickly add product posts.

my review plugin Best WordPress Review Plugins, Themes For Your BlogMy Review Plugin – A premium WordPress plugin that lets you create a professional level product review website for any niche you desire. The admin panel permits the owner to customize the look of the reviews by assigning stars, letter grades, or percentages for custom fields, control the order of posts, integrate horizontal or vertical comparison tables, activate thumbnail images, and include tooltip based information. Other important features include the ability for both editor and visitor to rate and review products, Google Maps integration, sidebar widgets, automatic embedding in posts and pages, multi-language support, SEO-friendly design, auto-commenting with ratings, weighted comparisons, and thumbs up/down voting for product comments and reviews. The My Review Plugin includes multiple themes and can be act as a compatible upgrade to WP Review Engine and the WP Review Site if you’re already using either one of those WP premium plugins.

wp superb review Best WordPress Review Plugins, Themes For Your BlogWP Superb Review – A WordPress review plugin competitor that offers a less expensive alternative to the more popularly known premium WordPress review plugins. It includes features such as AJAX ratings, rating categories, multiple rating genres, coupons, multiple ratings graphic options, affiliate link management, review compartmentalization (pros, cons, descriptions), automatic embedding, and voting system for user reviews.

star rating for reviews Best WordPress Review Plugins, Themes For Your BlogStar Rating for Reviews – A free WordPress review plugin that integrates a star based ratings system that can be used to review WP posts/pages as well as other things. This is not a professional review plugin intended for use in creating niche review sites on the fly. However, it is flexible enough that is can be used with your current WordPress theme and it contains many features that allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your ratings. Features include the ability quickly and easily embed ratings, widget-like comparison tables, the ability to sort by date/title/ratings, customized images for ratings, and the ability to assign a maximum number of star ratings for your posts and pages.

gd star rating Best WordPress Review Plugins, Themes For Your BlogGD Star Rating – This free WordPress review plugin is very flexible and can used on WP sites to provide users with an easy way to rate and review post/pages/comments or it can be used as a simple solution to address product reviews. This review plugin isn’t geared necessarily towards creating a full-blown product review site but it does support great features like shortcode integration, widgets, RSS support, voting rules, voting moderation, IP bans, CSV data imports, caching, and much more. While this WordPress plugin is free, there is no support provided by the developer unless you purchase a support subscription.

wp review store Best WordPress Review Plugins, Themes For Your BlogWP Review Store – A premium WordPress review theme provider that utilizes its own WP review plugin to allow customers the ability to create niche review sites. Instead of selling a review plugin with a handful of themes like most of the plugin developers, this provider approaches the need from the opposite direction; giving away their review plugin for free and charging separately for each premium WordPress review theme. Currently there’s about eight professionally developed SEO friendly WP review themes offered by this theme developer.

wordpress review theme Best WordPress Review Plugins, Themes For Your BlogWordPress Review Theme – Another developer that offers premium WordPress review themes for customers to harness the power of WP and create unique niche product or service review sites. Twelve fully customizable review themes are available with each purchase.

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