wordpress poll plugins Best Poll Plugins For WordPress

WordPress poll plugins help blog owners collect valuable feedback on their WP posts and permit readers to voice their opinions. WP poll plugins also allow writers to enhance visitor engagement and visually improve their articles with more unique content. Thankfully there are several free WordPress polling plugins that can easily be integrated into your own WP blog. Below we’ve created a list of the top ten best WordPress poll plugins that are currently available. If you’re in need of other WordPress products and services to compliment your site, see our premium WordPress plugins directory.

WP-Polls – A very popular and highly customizable WP poll plugin that works seamlessly with WordPress. The admin can select from many different options with regards to where polls appear and how users interact with them. The WP-Polls plugin incorporates an AJAX poll system that supports multiple selection of polling answers that may be displayed via text, radio buttons, or checkboxes.

MicroPoll – This WordPress poll plugin works with the MicroPoll service to deliver dead simple polls to your blog visitors without having to use the default non-customizable javascript code from MicroPoll. After you’ve installed the MicroPoll plugin, all you need to to do is grab your poll embed code from the MicroPoll website and paste it into the MicroPoll widget. The result is a simple yet elegant looking polling widget that works like a charm.

JR_Poll – Another WordPress poll plugin that allows you to display polls on your blog as a widget. Data for each poll is stored by the plugin so you can access it at a later time or delete it if you so desire.

FlashPoll++ – A flash based WordPress poll plugin that lets you fully customize the look and feel of its polls. You can change the size, colors, fonts, display multiple polls, and much more. The FlashPoll plugin supports multiple languages and all polling data is stored at your site where it can be easily accessed from the plugin’s admin panel.

PollDaddy Polls & Ratings – This WordPress poll plugin is an extension of the PollDaddy online polling service. The plugin permits you to manufacture and manage both ratings and polls from the dashboard of your WordPress website. Polls are highly customizable such that there are a number of different poll stylings to choose from and you may even create your own custom styled poll. Other great features include the ability to set closing dates for polls, multiple choice polling, the ability to display results publicly or privately, embed codes that may be used to display a poll on other websites, the ability to create an unlimited number of polls and process unlimited votes, the ability to embed ratings within your posts/pages/comments, fully customizable ratings, a ‘Top Rated’ widget, and support for multiple languages.

SodaHead Polls – A content-rich WordPress poll plugin that lets you incorporate images and video with your polls. The admin can create an unlimited number of polls and easily store and display them on his or her WordPress blog. Features include security measures to prevent voting fraud through limiting votes according to IP address, the ability to display lengthy multiple answers, the ability to display the polls on other sites, easy sharing of polls, and the ability to change poll size, poll color, and poll background templates.

WP Quick Polls – This isn’t a traditional WordPress poll plugin intended to gather and display voting results to visitors. While it can indeed display voter results, this polling plugin is mostly geared towards creating graphical poll-like landing pages.

WP Easy Polls – This is another non-traditional WordPress polling plugin that is setup to help the admin quickly and easily create landing pages with graphical poll-like questions. This one is totally free compared to the more advance WP Quick Polls alternative.

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