wordpress music plugins Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Music LoversWordPress music plugins can add an extra dynamic to your WordPress site. Whether your band needs to showcase its musical talent or you simply want to share a history of what you’ve been listening to lately on Last.fm, there’s a WP music plugin available to meet your needs. There are tons of free WP music players available to select from but we’ve tried to lighten to load a bit by creating a list of our favorite top free WordPress music plugins. Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know which WordPress music players are your favorite. Also, make sure to check out our premium WordPress plugins directory for other great WP plugins.

Last.fm for Artists – This WordPress plugin is designed specifically for artists that also maintain profiles on Last.fm. The Last.fm for Artists plugin displays on your blog’s sidebar, showing your upcoming performances or top tracks from Last.fm. While there are custom widget options, there are also a few widget designs to choose from that may match your existing blog theme.

GigPress – Designed for live blogging, musicians can use GigPress to stream their shows. Perfect for performing artists, GigPress can show tour dates to your readers. The GigPress plugin for WordPress also features RSS feeds, iCalendar integration and the ability to support multiple artists. The full gamut of GigPress’ features is also available from your WordPress backend.

Blubrry – As podcasting is a great way for artists to blog and post play lists as podcasts. If you would like to include these podcasts in your blog, then the Blubrry WordPress plugin could be of use. With iTunes support, the ability to include multiple podcasts and monetization options, the Blubrry WordPress plugin is designed for serious podcasters with their own established blogs.

JR_Embed – Some musicians and music lovers want to share music videos or photos from a concert–there’s more to music than just music, right? The JR_Embed plugin for WordPress supports multimedia files, so you don’t need a separate plugin for different media types.

Grooveshark – Grooveshark’s WordPress plugin serves two purposes; it lets you insert links for music to be listened to on Grooveshark, and it also features a widget option that lets readers play the music directly from your blog. As Grooveshark is a major database for shared music, its ever-growing catalog is likely to have the song you’re looking for. Bloggers that frequently write about the music industry will find the Grooveshark plugin helpful, as it has an easily searchable catalog of music to include in blog posts.

InLine mp3 player – For a discrete method of including music in your blog posts, the Inline MP3 Player is a WordPress plugin that turns links into mini audio players. This tool is simple, functional and offers easy incorporation of music you have stored in the cloud. If you’re looking for a no-frills approach to including music on your blog, try the InLine mp3 Player.

Tune Library – Got all your favorite music on iTunes? Share some of it in your blog posts with the Tune Library plugin for WordPress. Import your iTunes music library directly into your WordPress database, giving you access to your collection from within your blog’s backend. Now you have a ready catalog of music to choose from when providing tunes on your published blog.

ASMW – Those that frequent Amie Street will enjoy this ASMW plugin for WordPress. It works by posting music from Amie Street to your blog, promoting the artists you’ve already shown your support for on the Amie Street website. The plugin is also rather hands off, as it automatically updates this plugin once every week.

Streampad – This multifaceted tool ports any linked song into the Streampad player displayed on your blog. Additional options allow you to sync recently heard tracks to Last.fm as well, acting as a bridge between your iTunes listening behavior and your socially driven music profile on Last.fm. Added support for AOL Music is also available. Play these songs through the Streampad player on your blog as well, giving site visitors something interesting to listen to.

Post Videos and Photo Galleries – If you need flash for videos and entire photo galleries, including those from third party slide show creators, then the Post Videos and Photo Galleries WordPress plugin may be of interest. Another benefit is the plugin’s iPhone support, making it easy to utilize media already created from or saved on your mobile device. As we’ve already determined, multimedia support could be necessary for many musicians out there, and the wide array of support for several file types makes this a useful plugin.

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