wordpress ecommerce themes Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

A WordPress ecommerce theme can be easily added to your default WP installation to transform your regular blog into a well oiled online ecommerce store. E-commerce themes for WordPress come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need to sell physical products or digital products from your WP storefront, there’s a theme that can do that. There are several free WP store themes available if you’re just getting started and need to save a few dollars. The downside of using a free WordPress theme is that they’re not well supported or updated and you may not want to take the risk of something breaking and then losing customers. A great alternative is a premium WordPress ecommerce theme that includes quality support and frequent updates. Below we’ve put together a review list of the best WordPress ecommerce themes available today. These include both premium and free themes that you add to your WP site to start selling today. For more WordPress resources to improve your online store, see our list of premium WordPress plugins.

Emporium – This theme is built on top of the ecommerce line of WordPress functions that Templatic includes in many of their WP themes. The design is very professional and clean with large beautiful imagery and slick image transitions. The homepage features a very large slideshow where the admin can feature products and a smaller slider for additional items. The store page can display products in a list view or a grid view depending on the owner’s preference. The theme’s product page includes a featured image and a gallery for displaying multiple images for the product. The Emporium theme comes in four skin colors which are white, red, blue, and grey.

templatic emporium Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

Store – A straight forward WordPress ecommerce theme that includes a shopping cart and the admin can sell both physical and downloadable goods. The admin can easily create and edit products, manage orders, add product photos, and accept coupon codes with purchases. The WordPress Store theme is compatible with multiple payment gateways and multiple shipping options. It even allows the admin to set tax rates and import/export product data via CSV file.

templatic store Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

e-Commerce – Another WordPress ecommerce theme built by Templatic. It offers many of the same features that are included in the Store theme plus a couple others. These include a guest checkout option that lets visitors purchase without registering and an affiliate module that permits customers to sign-up as affiliate members.

templatic ecommerce Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

Store Front – A two column WordPress ecommerce theme developed by Templatic. This theme offers all the same features of Templatic’s ecommerce themes but the layout and a few other things are different. For instance, the product page doesn’t include a gallery and it comes in five skin colors.

templatic store front Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

Kidz Store – As the name implies, it’s a premium WordPress ecommerce theme that’s geared towards businesses that sell products for children. It offers a very colorful two column design that’s also very simple and easy to navigate. The product page features a large image of the item with additional thumbnail photos that can be zoomed in so the customer can have a closer look.

templatic kidz store Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

eShop – An elegant WordPress ecommerce theme created by Templatic that resembles the Apple store. This is another of Templatic’s ecommerce line of WP themes with a few additions. The homepage includes a large featured product slider to display popular items in your WordPress store and it comes in five skin colors: green, pink, light blue, yellow, and purple.

templatic eshop Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

WP Store – Templatic’s WordPress ecommerce theme that includes a large product slideshow on the homepage with additional feature product modules underneath. Customers can switch between a list view and a grid view on the store’s products page. It includes search engine optimized features such breadcrumbs, descriptive URLs, meta keywords, meta description, and much more. The theme is available in grey and black only.

templatic wp store Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

ShopperPress – A premium WordPress ecommerce theme that comes chocked full of features and options to help you build a great looking online store. ShopperPress includes 20 payment gateways, shipping options, tax management options, Google AdSense and Google Analytics integration, and the ability to import Amazon and eBay product information. The theme supports multiple languages and it offers more than twenty different designs.

shopperpress Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

eStore – A lusciously designed WordPress ecommerce theme built by ElegantThemes. Features include multiple color schemes, integration with popular shopping cart plugins like eShop and Simple PayPal Shopping Cart, automatic image resizing, ad management, localization for translating the theme into multiple languages, shortcodes to change layout configuration, and much more. The theme is easy to modify through the settings panel and it includes SEO options to ensure your store is visible to search engines.

elegantthemes estore Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

Ecommerce Theme – A basic WordPress ecommerce theme that makes it easy for you to get your online store up and running in no time. It comes in six color schemes and offers standard features found in most online storefront themes for WordPress.

ecommerce theme Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

AppCloud – An Apple AppStore-like WordPress ecommerce theme that includes a shopping cart function. The theme’s design is very clean and colorful. The homepage features two large javascript slideshows so the WP admin can display featured products and the week’s top selling store items. Other features include the 960 Grid System (960.gs), horizontal and vertical layouts, re-captcha integration, and a widgetized sidebar.

tokokoo appcloud Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

MarketTheme – This theme comes with an integrated AJAX shopping cart and custom fields to let you add sizes, colors and any other specifications to products. Each product page displays a large product image, an “add to cart” button, and drop down menus for product specifications that are assigned. The admin can also enter a description for each product page and add product tags and categories.

market theme Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

The Jewelry Shop – A complete online ecommerce storefront with loads of options and features that you can use to sell your products on the internet. The Jewelry Shop isn’t just for jewelry sellers as the name implies. Everything is localized such that the theme doesn’t depend on any plugins to operate. It includes a membership area, a customer wishlist, over 30 different widgets and widget areas, categories and subcategories, plus lots more.

themeforest the jewelry shop Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

Viroshop – A very professional looking WP ecommerce theme that offers a plethora of features and functionality to help you sell online. Notable features include coupons, thumbnail images, a shopping cart, an image slider for featured products, member pricing, product image galleries, product size options, product color options, set quantities, add to wishlist button on each product page, PayPal and Google Checkout payment gateways, multiple currencies, tax rate options, flat rate shipping options, and email notifications.

themeforest viroshop Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

The Furniture Store – Contrary to its name, it is not a furniture-only ecommerce theme for WordPress. The homepage contains a very large slideshow that the admin can use to display his/her best products. The theme uses a two column design with categories and related products listed in the sidebar. The product page can be used for both physical goods and digital goods. The admin can easily add images, audio files, or videos to display and describe products. A shopping cart is included along with RSS feeds for each category. Additional features include 18 widgets, a customer wishlist, two child themes, and login/registration area.

themeforest the furniture store Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

enVirashop – A simple yet stylish WordPress ecommerce theme that lets you quickly post products for sale. It offers Lightbox integration for viewing product images up close, multiple shopping cart colors, multiple payment gateways, a jQuery slider, product options, and tax rate options. The WordPress administrator can easily upload his logo and favicon as well as modify banner colors to give the theme a customized look.

themeforest envirashop Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

The Clothes Shop – This is a very well designed, modern WordPress ecommerce theme with large photos and slick actions to keep the visitor’s interest. The theme’s homepage displays three large images that slide over to reveal product categories. Underneath those are featured product placements where you can add more product photos and product links. Multiple images can be uploaded to display multiple views of a given product on its dedicated page. In the sidebar you’ll find related products that can be tagged and categorized. The WP theme includes a grid view for parent categories, 30 different widget areas, 17 widgets, a member wishlist, and a blogging section.

themeforest the clothes shop Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

WPA Storefront – A premium WordPress ecommerce theme that utilizes the WP e-Commerce plugin and some additional code to create a fully functional online storefront. A large slideshow adorns the home page to feature your most popular products and a secondary, smaller slider is positioned below it to display additional items for sale. Positioned at the bottom of the page is a set of category images with borders that change color when the visitor rolls over them with his mouse. The theme supports Google Analytics, logo and favicon uploads, flat rate shipping, several payment gateways (Google Checkout, PayPal, Chronpay), downloadable goods, social bookmarking, and it’s SEO friendly.

themeforest wpa storefront Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

OScomm – Another Apple-looking premium WordPress ecommerce theme with a clean brushed stainless steel feel and a pleasant color scheme of white sliver and light blue. It comes with a shopping cart, a jQuery slider, featured products that display a details link and a buy now button, a categories widget, account page, and a checkout page.

themeforest oscomm Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

Simple Cart – A free WordPress ecommerce theme that works in combination with the WP e-Commerce plugin to provide a simplified online store. Visitors will be able to view individual products, add the to their shopping cart, view product details, and checkout.

simple cart Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

Shopaholic – A nice theme with rollover menus and jQuery slider to feature top products. Visitors can comment on products and rate them. Uploaded product images are automatically resized for thumbnail photos. The theme’s colors are white, grey, and green by default.

shopaholic Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

Crafty Cart – This free WordPress ecommerce theme also works with the WP e-Commerce plugin. It’s a no frills online store with all the essential functionality that you’ll need to start selling. Admins can use either PayPal or Google Checkout as their payment gateway. The owner needs only to enter his or her PayPal or Google Checkout information to begin. Products are displayed in a list format with thumbnail images, an add to cart button, a checkout page, item categories, individual product pages with descriptions, and a photo gallery for each product.

crafty cart Best Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

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