wordpress backup plugins Best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services For Your Blog

WordPress backup plugins and services enable WP blog administrators to safely backup their site’s database and files to prevent losing their WP website to server errors, hackers, or accidents. Backup plugins for WordPress range from simple database backups to comprehensive professional WP backup solutions that create and store daily copies of your website safely on encrypted servers. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best free and premium WordPress backup plugins that are currently available. If you’re looking for other great WP plugins to supercharge your site, you might want to take a peek at our premium WordPress plugins directory.

wp db manager Best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services For Your BlogWP DB Manager – Created by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan, this is the most popular WordPress backup plugin to date. The plugin permits the WP blog owner to schedule automatic backups of his site’s database (via email or server backup) or manually download it. It also allows the admin to select which database table items to backup and either optimize, repair, delete, or restore the database. Perhaps the most enticing aspect of this WP backup plugin is that it is very easy to install and use. The major drawback of this plugin however, is that it merely backs up your database and not your entire WordPress blog.

backup technology Best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services For Your BlogOnline Backup For WordPress – This is a free WordPress backup plugin provided by Backup Technology that lets you backup 50 MB of your database on their secure servers. This isn’t a complete solution as it only backs up your WP database. Besides offering some security encryption of your database, this plugin doesn’t appear to provide any advantage over the WP DB Manager plugin.

automatic wordpress backup Best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services For Your BlogAutomatic WordPress Backup – A comprehensive WordPress backup plugin created by Dan Coulter which not only backs up your WP database but all your themes, plugins, photos, and other uploaded files. The plugin uses the Amazon S3 storage service to permit the admin to automatically or manually backup his WordPress website. Thus you’ll need to sign up for an Amazon S3 account in order to use this plugin. The detailed step by step video instructions on how to install the plugin and connect it with your Amazon S3 account makes setup quick and easy. The plugin is currently only compatible with Linux based servers and it exclusively requires PHP5. One major advantage of this complete WordPress backup solution is that it’s totally free and the Amazon S3 storage costs ($0.150 per GB) are minimal compared to other solutions cited here (i.e. VaultPress, BackupBuddy)

wordpress database backup Best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services For Your BlogWP DB Backup – Created by Austin Matzko, this backup plugin for WordPress lets you schedule an automatic database backup of your WP website. It’s very much like the WP DB Manager in that it can be scheduled to backup as frequently as you want and the backup file can be sent to an email address of your choosing.

backupify Best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services For Your BlogBackupify – Backupify is a service that backs up your online data across numerous popular online services (i.e. Flickr, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Their WordPress backup plugin is not a complete WordPress backup solution as it only backs up your WP database.

vaultpress Best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services For Your BlogVaultPress – Automattic, owner of WordPress, now offers its own backup service for self-hosted WordPress sites. Future plans for this service includes the ability to monitor your WP blog and alert you when it identifies a potential security threat or any suspicious activity. Further development of this WordPress backup service also includes automatic security updates. The service itself is projected to cost approximately $15 to $20 per month.

backup buddy Best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services For Your BlogBackupBuddy – Produced by PluginBuddy of iThemes, this premium WordPress backup plugin is designed to not only backup your entire WP site but to help you restore it and migrate it elsewhere when needed. As suggested this plugin backs up everything associated with your WP website including plugins, themes, widgets, and the database. Users can schedule backups either daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Once the backup is completed, it will then be stored via email or an FTP account depending on the admin’s preferences. The WordPress blog restoration and WordPress blog migration features are powerful time saving functions that make this plugin particularly useful. The cost of this premium WP plugin is based on the type of plan you choose; personal ($25), business ($75), or developer ($150). Membership plans include automatic upgrades and access to online forum support. The only disadvantage I can see to this service is that the support and upgrades access is limited to only one year. Thus, once the membership expires, you’d have to essentially buy the plugin again to extend your membership for another year. However, compared to the monthly reoccurring fee VaultPress charges for such a complete backup solution, this pricing seems very reasonable.

my easy backup Best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services For Your BlogmyEASYbackup – Another free WordPress backup plugin that lets you restore and migrate your site’s WP installation folder and MySQL tables. Backups must be initiated manually and can be stored either on your server or downloaded to your computer.

blogvault Best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services For Your BlogblogVault – A premium WordPress backup plugin that backs up all files, themes, plugins, comments, widgets, posts, and pages associated with your WP blog. The blogVault plugin creates automatic backups of your entire WP site and saves it to blogVault’s Amazon S3 servers. The blogVault service will cost you between $25 and $99 per year depending on the amount of storage you use.

wordpress backup Best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services For Your BlogWordPress Backup – Developed by Blog Traffic Exchange, this free WP backup plugin permits admins to create backups of directories containing images, themes, and plugins. Users can schedule WP backups to automatically occur every day and have the resultant zip file sent to an email address.

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