wordpress affiliate plugins Best Free, Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins Reviewed And ComparedBoth free and premium WordPress affiliate plugins allow WP site administrators to protect their affiliate links from manual and automatic link hijacking. Affiliate plugins for WordPress also provide other advantages like shorter, cleaner links and an easier way to organize and manage internal and outbound links. Most of the free and premium WP affiliate plugins include highly desirable features like the ability to track who’s clicking on your links (click tracking), how many clicks each link gets (click statistics), grouping links, and site-wide auto-linking of keywords. In the review list below, we’ve gathered up some of the best free and premium WordPress affiliate plugins available. Embedded in this is a comparison chart to help you find a WP affiliate plugin that meets your needs. If you’d like to discover other great WP tools, check out our premium WordPress plugin directory.

Compare WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins

pretty link pro Best Free, Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins Reviewed And ComparedPretty Link Pro – A premium WordPress affiliate plugin that lets you turn your affiliate links into “pretty links” (e.g. example.com/pretty instead of affiliatelink.com/aff=123456). Pretty Link Pro’s WordPress affiliate plugin comes chock full of linking features to help you easily organize and manage your affiliate links. Features like URL shortening, link cloaking, click tracking, click statistics, link campaigns, keyword autolinking, limiting the number of keyword links per page/post id, nofollow, and the ability to open links in a new window are all high desired for affiliates. PLP offers additional unique link features and functionality that aren’t found in any other competing WP affiliate plugin such as the ability to import/export links, auto posting your newly published article to Twitter, a Twitter conversations panel, social media sharing buttons, and a website toolbar. Purchasing this premium WordPress plugin will set you back $37 for a single site license and $97 to install in on an unlimited number of WP sites. Customer support for this WP affiliate plugin is served through email and a community forum.

maxblogpress ninja affiliate Best Free, Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins Reviewed And ComparedNinja Affiliate – Another terrific premium WordPress affiliate plugin that make that enables you to create links and manage them with ease. The Ninja Affiliate plugin license permits you to install it on all your own sites for the price of $97. They offer a no risk money back guarantee such that if you’re not completely satisfied they’ll provide a refund provided you submit the request within 30 days of the purchase date. Support for Ninja Affiliate customers is provided by email and their member forums. The plugin itself contains many common WP affiliate plugin feature like link stats, autolinking, and custom styling for links. However, it offere some other cool features like the ability to hide links in the browser’s status bar, grouping links, and creating subgroups for a set of links. The MBP Ninja Affiliate premium WordPress plugin comes with free lifetime updates.

wp affiliate pro Best Free, Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins Reviewed And ComparedWP Affiliate Pro – Key features that separate this premium WP affiliate plugin from the pack is it ability to automatically rotate links. It’s also one of the few WP affiliate plugins that offers the ability to hide the destination URL in the status bar of certain browsers too. The WP Affiliate Pro plugin is priced at $97 for unlimited site installations and free lifetime updates. Should you decide for any reason that you don’t like the plugin, you can attain a full refund within 56 days of purchasing it. Support for this WordPress affiliate plugin is handled via live chat and email.

eclipse link cloaker Best Free, Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins Reviewed And ComparedEclipse Link Cloaker – ELC is one of the most innovative premium WordPress affiliate plugins available. It not only allows you to shorten and track clicks along with gathering statistical data from your links but it also provides multiple ways to hide the a destination URL. Furthermore, it can keep track of product conversions, integrate with Google Analytics, and exclude autolinking on a per post/page id basis. Another standout feature is the exception/inclusion list that permits the WP admin to omit or include links manually or automatically using a special tag element or by simply adding the hostname to the appropriate list. The Eclipse Link Cloaker WordPress affiliate plugin is available for purchase for only $57. That license enables you to install it on an unlimited number of WordPress websites that you personally own. Customers also receive free lifetime updates, technical support via email, and a 60-day money back guarantee.

wp link engine Best Free, Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins Reviewed And ComparedWP Link Engine – Another premium WordPress affiliate plugin that is driving innovation in the area of link management. WP Link Engine is the only premium WP plugin that allows the admin to set the expiration dates for links and specify destination URLs based on the referrer, the visitor’s IP address, or the hostname. Additional unique features of this WP plugin include the ability to set link destinations according the the visitor’s geographical location (geotargeting) and assigning multiple URLs to load for a single link that’s clicked (i.e. a destination URL, a popup, etc.). The WP Link Engine plugin can be purchase for $79 and it allows you to install it in as many WP sites as you want as long as you own them all. WPLE plugin owners are given free lifetime updates and customer support via email and live chat. A 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee is provided as well.

instant wordpress link Best Free, Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins Reviewed And ComparedInstant WordPress Link – A premium WordPress affiliate plugin that allows you to shorten URLs, gather click stats, change the style formatting of any links, hide links in the status bar, and create site-wide autolinks for specific keywords. Unique features to the Instant WordPress Link plugin include in-text ads and the ability to create Clickbank and PayDotCom links automatically. The IWL premium WordPress plugin can be purchased for only $47 and it includes free lifetime updates, a 30-day refund policy, and forum support for all customers.

wp affiliate link manager Best Free, Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins Reviewed And ComparedWP Affiliate Link Manager – This premium WP affiliate plugin was created by Tips & Tricks HQ, a well known premium WordPress plugin development company that’s built such commercial plugins as WP eStore, WP eMember, and the WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin. Their affiliate link manager plugin includes such features as keyword auto-linking for pages and posts, autolinking limitations for the number of keywords per post and page, URL shortening, counting clicks, conversion tracking, custom link styling, and much more. The plugin sells for only $27 and you can install it on all the WordPress websites that you own.

Free WordPress Affiliate Plugins

pretty link Best Free, Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins Reviewed And ComparedPretty Link – This is the free version of the Pretty Links Pro affiliate plugin for WordPress. It doesn’t offer as many great features as the premium version but it gets the job done if you just need a basic, free WordPress affiliate plugin to simply create affiliate links and manage them. Like the professional version of this WP plugin, you can shorten links using your own domain name instead of using URL shortening services such as Bit.ly or TinyURL. However, in order to gain access to the autolinking feature, replace linked keywords easily throughout your entire WP blog, and automatically post those shortened affiliate links to your Twitter account, you’ll need to purchase the Pretty Links Pro premium WordPress affiliate plugin listed above.

link cloaking plugin Best Free, Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins Reviewed And ComparedLink Cloaking Plugin – This is the free version of the Eclipse Link Cloaker plugin that’s listed above. It doesn’t contain all the bells and whistles that the premium version does but it covers most of the linking features. If you upgrade to its premium WP plugin counterpart, you’ll also get features such as the ability cloak links in the your comments and sidebar, multiple cloaking strategies, better organization and management of links, free automatic updates, click tracking, Google Analytics integration, conversion tracking and much more.

123linkit Best Free, Premium WordPress Affiliate Plugins Reviewed And Compared123Linkit Affiliate Marketing Tool – This free WordPress affiliate plugin connects your WP blog to your 123Linkit account to help you easily and automatically monetize keywords within your entire WordPress site. 123Linkit essentially acts as the middleman between you and all the affiliate networks preventing you from signing up for all the different affiliate programs. They also do the leg work of creating nofollow affiliate links with custom stats and reporting so you can track the performance of each link. In return for their services, 123Linkit takes a 30% cut of all the sales commissions that are generated with your account.

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