wp advertising plugins Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your Blog

A well developed WordPress ad plugin will not only help you quickly incorporate Google AdSense and banner ads into your WP blog but it can make managing your site’s ad inventory much easier. Some of the desirable features for WordPress ad plugins include things like performance statistics, the ability to rotate ads, revenue sharing, click tracking, impression counting, the ability to integrate third party ads, and automated expiration dates for banner ads. If used correctly, ad manager plugins can help you identify the most effective strategies for dramatically improving ad revenue on your WP site. In this review list we’ve identified some of the best premium WordPress ad plugins as well as several free WP advertising plugins. Keep in mind that premium WordPress plugins tend to offer better support and more frequent updates which may or may not be important depending on your specific needs.

Premium WordPress Ad Plugins

oio publisher Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogOIO Publisher – An awesome premium WordPress ad plugin that focuses on boosting your revenue and saving you time when it comes to managing your ads. OIO Publisher puts the advertiser in control by letting them upload their own information and images as well as pay for their ad directly on your WP site. Numerous payment modules give advertisers several ways to pay for their ads (Alertpay, Google Checkout, PayPal) and easily purchase ad placements for a single month or multiple months via a subscription option. Features include the ability to send weekly ad reports to advertisers, list your ad inventory in OIO Publisher’s private banner ad marketplace, run your own affiliate program, and track clicks, impressions and CTR rates for ads that are purchased on your site.

billboard Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogBillboard WordPress Ad Manager – Another simple WordPress ad plugin that is best used to add images and banner ads to your sidebar via a WP widget. Billboard is a premium WordPress ad plugin that’s priced at $45 per 2 sites, $75 per 10 sites or $150 for use on an unlimited number of websites.

direct ads market Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogDirectAdsMarket – Another premium WordPress banner ad plugin that allows you to sell ads on your site through PayPal. This one, however, allows you to sell Twitter and Facebook profile ads. The user can simply add their Twitter or Facebook profile link and pay for his/her profile to be displayed on the publisher’s website. Publishers can charge any amount on a per minute, day, week, month, or year basis. Free banner ads are also available in case you’d like to use the plugin to reward the most frequent or most valuable visitors to your WP blog. The plugin counts how many clicks are generated for each banner and ads automatically expire accordingly. The banner ads can be displayed in a Direct Ads Market widget or any other location within a WP page or post using shortcodes and conditional tags.

Free WordPress Ad Plugins

advertising manager Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogAdvertising Manager – Great for rotating Google AdSense along with other ad networks like AdBrite and Chitika. There are 15 ad networks that are automatically recognized and you can insert ads just by pasting in the ad code. You’ll be able to use ads from multiple networks together with no problem. You can insert ads into your blog posts with the click of a button, by posting the “[ad#name]” shortcode, or by adding the sidebar widget. If you would like to insert ads anywhere else in your theme a PHP based tag is available as well. Another nice feature is the ability to set limitations by author, tag, and page type. For example, you can choose to have ads not show to administrators and authors, or you may want to display a Twitter related advertisement only on posts that have “Twitter” as a tag. Additional features include revenue sharing for site owners that have multiple authors and support for multiple languages.

author advertising Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogAuthor Advertising – A free WordPress advertising plugin for site owners that want to incorporate an ad revenue sharing program for their authors. The plugin is compatible with most of the popular ad networks like Microsoft and Google AdSense. The admin can set the percentage of the time the owner’s ads will show and what percentage of the time the authors’ ads will display. You can also specify which level an author has to be in order to participate in the ad revenue sharing program. For instance, perhaps you only want authors that have been writing for three months or more to be able to acquire revenue from their articles. Not only can the Author Advertising plugin be used as an ad manager, but it can also be used to manage photos, text, and widgets. Advertisements can be placed in three different locations on the blog and if you don’t like the locations offered, you can use a PHP tag to place them elsewhere.

openx Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogOpenX – The OpenX WordPress widget is pretty simple as it merely displays advertisements from OpenX in your WP sidebar. Before you can begin using this plugin to display ads you must be signed up as an OpenX publisher. OpenX is an open source ad server that helps you manage your advertising inventory and rotate ads from Google AdSense and other advertising sources.

wp125 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogWP125 – An ad manager for the common 125×125 square ads that you see on the sidebar of most blogs. Whether you have a one or two column theme, WP125 can display your 125×125 banner ads in a professional manner. You can show as many ads as you want in a very specific or random order via widget or a PHP based tag. This plugin can also track clicks for each ad so you can quickly identify which ones are the most popular. Another desirable feature of WP125 is that you can set each ad to display for a certain number of days. Once the expiration date is reached, an email notification will be sent to the advertiser, the ad will be automatically removed, and a placeholder ad will take its place until another ad is sold.

max banner ads Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogMax Banner Ads – A wonderful WP ad plugin that makes it easy for you to manage rotating ads without having to edit your theme or use messy codes. Max Banner Ads permits the admin to display ads at different locations every time a page loads. This can be particularly useful at making sure regular visitors don’t become accustomed to the same ads appearing in the same location. Other features include a sidebar widget, click and impression tracking, and the ability to upload ad images.

buy sell ads Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogBuySellAds – This WP advertising plugin allows you to quickly and easily insert BuySellAds (BSA) codes into your blog. Before you can begin using this plugin, however, you’ll need to be signed up as a publisher on the BuySellAds website. BSA is a popular banner ad marketplace where advertisers and publishers can buy and sell advertisements. The plugin permits the admin to display banner advertisements on his site via a simple widget or by manually inserting a PHP tag in a WP theme.

ad rotate Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogAdRotate – This free WordPress ad plugin delivers exactly what its name implies; it helps you rotate ads on your WP site. It also gives you the ability to preview banners as you’re editing them, display ads between a certain set of dates, and send a notification when an ad expires. There are an unlimited number of widgets that you can use in the sidebar, and you can even track clicks, impressions and CTR for each ad. Advertisements can also be displayed by using a WP shortcode or by placing a PHP tag into your WordPress theme.

whydowork Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogWhyDoWork Adsense – This WP ad plugin attempts to make it super easy for you to incorporate Google AdSense based adverts into your blog without having to modify your template. One standout feature of this plugin is that it allows you to display different types of ads for articles that are older than a certain number of days. For instance, you may want to display a smaller ad on newer posts and larger ads on your older posts. Another cool feature is the ability to block ads from appearing on specific posts or pages that you choose.

post layout Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogPost Layout – A WP ad manager plugin that lets you display ads from popular ad networks like Google AdSense, BidVertiser, and Chitika. Advertisements can be shown before, after, or in the middle of a blog post using a simple WP shortcode. You can also insert any kind of HTML, JavaScript, and PHP-based ad tags directly into your blog articles.

wp insert Best WordPress Advertising Plugins For Your BlogWP-Insert – This one is much more than just another WordPress ad server plugin. Besides managing your ads you can use it to manage your RSS feeds, monitor your Google Analytics account, reorder WP pages via a nifty drag and drop interface, edit your themes, and manage your privacy policy as well as your site’s terms and conditions. WP-Insert supports multiple ad networks so you can display just about any kind of ads on your site. Adverts can be displayed anywhere on your site through ad widgets and you can conditionally display ads by post/page ID, category, or tag.

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