wp photo gallery plugins 10 Great Photo Gallery Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

WordPress photo gallery plugins allow you to easily extend the functionality of your WordPress blog to feature images and enrich your WP blog posts. Thankfully there are several WordPress photo gallery plugins and simple WordPress picture plugins to serve this need. Whether you’re a WP photo blogger or you simply like to include quality images in every article, incorporating photos into your blog posts can tack on a great deal of time to your editorial process. Using these WP photo plugins can save you lots of time and headaches. The challenge is to find the right WP plugin for your particular needs. Below we’ve listed several WP image plugins to help you find that one you’re looking for. If those listed below don’t meet your needs, you may want to take a look at our premium WordPress plugins directory.

Featured Content Gallery Plugin – This is one of the most heavily used WordPress photo gallery plugins. You’ll find it in professionally developed WP themes and across many popular WP blogs. It allows you to quickly and easily display content images with an overlay of text for a several posts that you want to feature on your WP site. This WP photo gallery plugin is an essential tool to showcase your website’s best content.

Lightbox 2 – For many photo bloggers, Lightbox is a necessary tool for editing images. The Lightbox 2 plugin makes Lightbox integration into your WordPress blog backend an easier task. Use this tool to customize the Lightbox effects used on photos that you include in your WordPress blog, including background color, opacity and more.

NextGen – The NextGen plugin is basic from an operational standpoint but it offers a lot of features for you to take advantage of. Create an RSS stream from your uploaded images, add watermarks to photos and create slideshows. NextGen supports multiple themes and CSS customization for complete integration with your existing WordPress blog.

Lazyest Gallery – This tool is designed primarily for managing the images you’ve uploaded for use on your WordPress blog. From here, you can organize photos in categories and folders. Photos can be accessed from your WordPress blog’s backend for use in any given blog entry. Create slide shows and random photo widgets with this tool, among other things.

fGallery WordPress Plugin – Another basic image uploading and management tool, the fGallery WordPress Plugin offers RSS feed creation for albums and support for lightbox. You can customize albums including the selection of an album cover, resize images and allow for comments. fGallery currently works best with WordPress 2 and higher, which shouldn’t be an issue for most WordPress bloggers.

Shutter Reloaded – Shutter Reloaded is useful because it doesn’t require an external storage space for your images. This could be important for photo bloggers or those bloggers that decidedly include images in all of their posts, depending on individual blogging needs. Combining several aspects of multiple WordPress photo plugins, Shutter Reloaded offers image resizing and other basic editing tools, as well as the ability to create auto-posts based on uploaded image content.

WP Photo Album – The WP Photo Album plugin comes with all WordPress accounts and can be found under your existing plugins. As part of the WP admin, this photo album plugin enables you to upload and manage images to be displayed on your WordPress site. Manage titles, captions, image and thumbnail sizes for your images as well.

Flickr Photo Album For WordPress – Instead of searching for new images, why not use the stuff you’ve already uploaded on Flickr? This plugin connects the two accounts in order to create a plugin that accesses Flickr for photos to be included in your WordPress blog entries. Photos can be inserted directly into your blog, or a link redirecting to the photo’s original Flickr URL can be substituted. For those that rely on Flickr for relevant, quality content, this plugin can be quite handy.

Fotobook – The Fotobook plugin works to directly connect your WordPress and Facebook accounts. As Facebook is the most used site for photo-sharing purposes, it’s likely that there’s a photo you’ve uploaded to Facebook that you’ll want to use on your WordPress blog (depending on your blog motif). Unlike most Flickr plugins, Fotobook accesses only your Facebook account for images. Use this as a way to create photo blogs from your existing Facebook images instead of as a photo-search tool.

Picasa – The Picasa plugin for WordPress blogs is pretty basic, but offers access to Picasa content nevertheless. If Picasa is your primary site for online photo storage and sharing purposes, the creation of a photoblog using Picasa content may be right up your alley. As a Google property, Picasa can also be used for image searches. Pull from Picasa content for images to be used in your WordPress blogs. Images can be randomly displayed with this plugin.

Yet Another Photo Blog – The Yet Another Photo Blog (YAPB) plugin turns any WordPress blog into a photo blog. With this tool you can create thumbnails of varying sizes, use existing camera tags and more. YAPB works with nearly all WordPress blog themes for easy integration. Serious photo bloggers out there will want to take a good look at the YAPB plugin for better managing their blog.

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