mobile voip services Best Mobile VoIP Apps To Make Cheap Phone CallsMobile VoIP is becoming more prevalent, even as smart phones attract new customers to mobile service providers. The capabilities of emerging smart phones and a departure from the traditional contract structure for mobile wireless plans means that support for mobile VoIP is growing. Mobile phones continue to become the center of our work and personal lives, acting as personal assistants that are always with us no matter where we go. This reliance on mobile phones means that the devices themselves will have to do more, and at a cheaper rate. For this reason, VoIP services are growing in demand for mobile users across the world. Here are some top mobile VoIP services, some of which incorporate other chat features, and others of which look to replace your landlines all together.

skype Best Mobile VoIP Apps To Make Cheap Phone CallsSkype – The brand name that has become synonymous with VoIP is still a major contender on most mobile devices. Skype is a VoIP company, so its focus is on VoIP. Skype also has a chat tool, and several other options to go along with its main products and services. With such an ubiquitous company name, you’re likely to find your other VoIP users on Skype as well, making it easy to use this service for the bulk of your mobile VoIP needs. Outside of other Skype users, Skype can be used to call regular land line and cellular numbers as well.

fring Best Mobile VoIP Apps To Make Cheap Phone CallsFring – Fring is a rather inclusive mobile application, combining support for multiple chat clients, mobile VoIP calls and Twitter and email alerts. Fring aims to be the mobile hub for all of your communication needs, spanning phone, email, chat, phone calls and social media. Depending on your phone type, the ability for Fring to offer optimal usability may differ. But the good thing is that Fring is supported on a wide array of mobile devices.

nimbuzz Best Mobile VoIP Apps To Make Cheap Phone CallsNimbuzz – Nimbuzz is another all-inclusive mobile app, with support for an aggregate of chat clients and VoIP calling options. The beauty of these types of mobile applications is that they enable the management of several communication tools into a single mobile app, minimizing the need for you to log into different apps for different services.

truphone Best Mobile VoIP Apps To Make Cheap Phone CallsTruphone – What began as a VoIP tool for a single Nokia phone has grown into a full-fledged VoIP tool with support on a variety of mobile devices. Similar to Skype, you can chat with friends or give them a ring, directly from the app. Now you won’t have to use your mobile provider’s service minutes. This has an appeal for heavy chatters and International callers alike.

beejive Best Mobile VoIP Apps To Make Cheap Phone CallsBeejive – One of the premier mobile chat applications, Beejive pretty much does it all. Support for multiple chat clients and VoIP calls are only the tip of the iceberg. Beejive also features a host of management tools to help streamline the actions that may otherwise seem overwhelming, as they are all crammed into a single app. Featuring VoIP capabilities is just one more reason to check out Beejive.

vonage Best Mobile VoIP Apps To Make Cheap Phone CallsVonage – Vonage is another company focused on VoIP, but even beyond Skype Vonage is out to replace your every phone need. Spanning your home, business and mobile needs, Vonage is a competitor with other landline service providers as well as other VoIP-specific services. As such, Vonage mobile can be used to call regular mobile and landline numbers, too. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate business and home phone services with mobile VoIP, Vonage may be an option for you to check out.

vopium Best Mobile VoIP Apps To Make Cheap Phone CallsVopium – Touted as an option for cheap international calls, Voipum is a tool designed for making calls to land line and mobile numbers as well. Designed as a way to merge your mobile and VoIP needs, Voipum also allows you to retain the use of your own phone number when using its service. This makes it easier for others to recognize and receive your phone calls, and also helps you to integrate VoIP calls into your regular, phone-centered correspondence.

jajah Best Mobile VoIP Apps To Make Cheap Phone CallsJajah – Another service focused on VoIP products, Jajah has several features for utilizing its apps on the computer as well as your mobile phone. Jajah has support for a wide array of mobile devices, making it an easy option for cheap and free calls, even to other mobile and land line phone numbers. With a host of social media applications as well, Jajah has taken a unique approach to incorporating VoIP communication tools alongside other ways in which we already communicate with each other.

AIM Best Mobile VoIP Apps To Make Cheap Phone CallsAIM Mobile Chat – AOL has one of the oldest chat clients, but it’s also been around long enough to know the ropes. Having lasted this long, the appeal of an AOL mobile chat tool is its standardization. AIM for mobile use has been able to incorporate a number of the sharing mechanisms that have been added to the desktop AIM we’ve all grown to love, including VoIP calls.

yahoo messenger Best Mobile VoIP Apps To Make Cheap Phone CallsYahoo! Mobile Chat – Similar to AOL’s mobile chat, Yahoo incorporates its longstanding chat client with call options that work over VoIP. The appeal of creating easy ways t communicate in multiple formats is a necessary growth tactic for chat clients. Yahoo doesn’t disappoint with its mobile chat client either. Check for support on your particular mobile device.

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