best facebook games Top 10 Best Facebook Games To PlayIt’s a tall order to identify the best Facebook games, let alone compile a list of the top Facebook games of all time. The task becomes even more difficult when social gaming giants like Zynga and Playfish offer near facsimiles of popular games one or the other has created. Despite such challenges we’ve put together a list of the top 10 best Facebook game applications. These games are not placed in any particular rank or order of importance. We will continue to update this list as new games are launched.

mafia wars Top 10 Best Facebook Games To Play
Mafia Wars – This is one of the most popular Facebook games Zynga has ever created. It’s notoriously addictive and lots of fun to play. The goal of the game is to complete jobs that get you experience points to level up and earn Mafia Wars money to help you expand your operations of organized crime. In your spare time you are encouraged to grow your mafia by adding new Mafia Wars friends. These new allies can help you complete jobs and earn you more cash. The more cash you earn, the more properties and loot you can buy thereby increasing your Mafia Wars empire. For more tips and tricks on how to play, check out our Mafia Wars guide.

zynga texas holdem poker Top 10 Best Facebook Games To Play
Texas HoldEm Poker – A well built quick-draw Texas Holdem style winner takes all poker game where you can saddle up to the table and let it ride. Zynga out does itself in this Facebook game letting your play against the computer or your own Facebook friends. Whether your catching that ace on the river for the tournament win or going all in at the VIP tables for a crushing defeat it’s good Facebook gaming fun.

farmville Top 10 Best Facebook Games To Play
FarmVille – The most popular Facebook game according the total number of installations (>63 million users). The purpose of Zynga’s FarmVille game is to plant crops, raise livestock, and successful grow your farm to earn FarmVille coins. Befriending new FarmVille neighbors and helping them succeed in the game is both fun and rewarding. If you need more help getting started in the game, we’ve put together some winning strategies in our FarmVille guide to help you succeed in the game.

word challenge Top 10 Best Facebook Games To Play
Word Challenge – One of the best Facebook games on its application platform. The premise of the game is to identify as many words as possible from the set of letters you are presented in a short amount of time. You can either play Word Challenge alone or in head-to-head battles with your friends. As the clock counts down and the buzzer finally goes off, you get to see your score and words you didn’t identify. Good performances are rewarded with strong words of encouragement and poor performances are somewhat mocked. Thus you’re left with plenty of motivation and temptation to play just one more time to beat your high score and impress your friends. Playfish, the game’s creator, keeps track of your high score, your friends’ high scores, and they maintain a list of all the top Word Challenge players.

restaurant city Top 10 Best Facebook Games To Play
Restaurant City – Created by social gaming company Playfish, this Facebook game allows users to run their own virtual restaurant. Restaurant City players are given their own modestly sized restaurant and a few menu items to prepare. As they earn more gourmet points (a.k.a. experience points) they are able to reach new levels in the game, earn more money, learn new recipes, collect ingredients, expand their restaurant and hire more staff. Check out the Facebook Restaurant City guide to discover great tips and strategies on how to play the game.

bejeweled blitz Top 10 Best Facebook Games To PlayBejeweled Blitz – A simple yet incredibly fun and addicting Facebook application game where you must match three jewels in a row to gain points. As you do so, the jewels disappear and more fall in place sort of like Tetris but without the focus on matching shapes. The strong sound effects and deep-voiced narrator makes game play entertaining and the quick response/encourage to try again ensures that the time will fly by as you continue to play game after game.

fishville Top 10 Best Facebook Games To Play
FishVille – Zynga seems to have identified another clear winner in the Facebook games race. FishVille is a simple yet fun application in which you are given your own virtual aquarium to customize and maintain. You can fill your aquarium with new fish or creatures that can be bought at the store and you can add new plants and decorations to make it more appealing. As you play the game you gain experience points to achieve new levels and earn money by cleaning the aquarium as well as helping friends. More information on this game can be accessed via our FishVille guide that containing tips and strategies on how to play.

mindjolt games Top 10 Best Facebook Games To Play
MindJolt Games – A Facebook application that lets you play a variety of popular new games (RuneScape, Word Drop, etc.), and old fashioned games like chess, poker, tic-tac-toe, pool, solitaire, bowling, basketball, football, golf, and many more. You can play against the computer or challenge one of your friends to a game. MindJolt Games offers both “scored games” as well as “non-scored games”. Scored games are those in which your score is tracked so you can compete against other players and your friends. Non-scored games are those in which scores are not saved and carried over into the next playing session. No matter what your game playing preferences are (i.e. action, puzzle, shooter, strategy, sports, simulation, etc.) MindJolt Games has what you’re looking for and that’s why it’s in our top 10 list of the best Facebook application games to play.

yoville Top 10 Best Facebook Games To Play
YoVille – Akin to Electronic Arts’ The Sims, this top Facebook game allows players to create their own character to live in his/her own virtual world. YoVille players are given their own apartment to customize as well as the ability to work, visit friends, and do just about all other things that occur in real life. Interacting with friends, completing tasks, buying items, and working earns you cash and experience points to level-up and succeed in the game. For more information, YoVille tips, tricks, and hints, check out the YoVille guide.

pet society Top 10 Best Facebook Games To Play
Pet Society – A virtual world in which you can customize your own pet, nurture it, and have it interact with your friends’ pets. Pet Society players are instructed to maintain their pet to feed, wash, and play with their character. As you visit your friends pets, interact with your own pet, and complete other suggested activities you earn coins and Paw Points to advance in the game. Pet Society has been one of Playfish’s most popular Facebook game for some time. Playfish’s attention to detail, creativity, and user friendly design makes this one of the best Facebook games. For more Pet Society info and great Pet Society tips, check out the Pet Society guide.

cafe world Top 10 Best Facebook Games To Play
Cafe World – Created by Zynga, Cafe World is very much like Restaurant City but this Facebook game requires a much more hands-on approach to preparing food, cooking food, and cleaning up afterward. Cafe World players start out with their own cafe and a small list of menu items they can prepare and sell to their customers. You gain cafe points by executing various operations in the game to level-up and unlock new items. Inviting friends and thereby increasing your number of neighbors allows you to earn more Cafe coins. Helping your neighbors and gifting to them is beneficial as it encourages them to reciprocate the act. For more Cafe World tips on how to play the game, visit the Cafe World guide.

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