facebook christmas apps Top 10 Facebook Apps For ChristmasFacebook Christmas apps can be a useful medium to interact with friends while also having fun, especially during the holidays. Christmas is all about spreading love and well wishes, sharing the joy of the season and spending time with the ones we love. Even if we can’t be with them in the physical sense, we can tap into the holiday spirit through Facebook apps. Whether you’re looking for funny Christmas ecards, virtual gifts, or just want to play some silly social games with your Facebook friends there’s an app for just about every one. Check out the top 10 Facebook apps for Christmas that are listed below and let us know if your favorite Facebook Christmas application isn’t included.

santa yourself Top 10 Facebook Apps For ChristmasSanta Yourself – Every holiday season we see an app such as Santa Yourself gain in popularity. For some reason, it’s really fun to superimpose a photo of your face onto an animated, dancing Santa. The finished product can then be posted on your wall or sent out to friends. What better way to keep the holiday cheer going?

christmas cards Top 10 Facebook Apps For ChristmasChristmas Cards – This festive Facebook app lets you send traditional Christmas greetings to your friends. Select from an array of holiday cards, all of which are filled with well wishes. The Christmas cards can be shared directly with friends, and posted on walls. Bring a touch of nostalgia to your Facebook profile with greetings from this app.

christmas cheer Top 10 Facebook Apps For ChristmasChristmas Cheer – This Facebook application allows you to send virtual Christmas gifts to your Facebook friends and family members with just a click of a few buttons. Similar to other social games, you’ll earn points (i.e. Cheer Tokens) for doing so and you can use your accumulated Cheer Tokens to get even better virtual gifts.

christmas goodies Top 10 Facebook Apps For ChristmasChristmas Goodies – If you frequent the average gifting app on Facebook, then Christmas Goodies is right up your alley. Select from a handful of virtual gifts to post on the walls of friends, and work your way up in order to unlock access to additional items to send. The more active you are with the Christmas Goodies app, the more gifts you’ll unlock and be able to give to your friends.

christmas friends tree Top 10 Facebook Apps For ChristmasChristmas Friends Tree – With your very own Christmas tree to decorate, you can adorn it with ornaments that represent your Facebook friends. Somewhat like a personality quiz, you can choose which of your friends are an angel, a star, a candy cane, or even Santa himself. Things get more interesting once the rest of your friends get involved and start making recommendations of their own.

farmville Top 10 Facebook Apps For ChristmasFarmVille – While the app itself isn’t specific to Christmas, the holidays, or even the winter season, the extremely popular Facebook app game has some season-related items you can incorporate into your farm. Snowmen, Christmas trees and more can be peppered across your game’s landscape, letting you express your holiday cheer in more ways than one. If you’re new to FarmVille, you might want to take a look at our FarmVille Guide that contains great FarmVille tips and tricks for playing the game.

whats your christmas name Top 10 Facebook Apps For ChristmasWhat’s Your Christmas Name – Here’s a cute app to help you waste some time. Provide your name and gender and the app will create a Christmas name for you. Mine was Kristen Nicole, the Cheerful Mistletoe. A little random and entirely nonsensical, but fun nonetheless. Share your Christmas name with your friends on Facebook, and see what their generated names are as well. Just don’t give this app your childhood street name. That’s a little too jolly for my taste.

christmas kisses Top 10 Facebook Apps For ChristmasChristmas Kisses – Send a greeting with a kiss. With tons of cute kissing animals to choose from, the adorable factor goes into overdrive with the Christmas Kisses app. The more greetings you send, the more points you earn. With your amassed points, you can redeem more greetings to send to friends this holiday season.

snowball fight Top 10 Facebook Apps For ChristmasSnowball Fight – Just to stay in the holiday spirit, why not have a snowball fight? While it’s not directly related to Christmas, it is agnostic and can generate some great, friendly fun between you and your Facebook friends. Pack your snowballs tight, chuck them at a friend or two, and let the ultimate winter battle begin!

say merry christmas Top 10 Facebook Apps For ChristmasSay Merry Christmas – Facebook is all about connecting its users across the globe. Break through the language barrier with the Say Merry Christmas app. With support for 115 languages, you’ll get the message across with ease.

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