facebook ecommerce apps Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookFacebook ecommerce apps and storefronts permit users to add custom shopping carts to their fan pages or profiles in order to directly sell on Facebook. Social networks like Facebook are no longer used for merely uploading photo albums, or checking the status updates of your friends. E-commerce has evolved with social networking platforms to form social commerce solutions that can embrace the real-time social Web. Facebook storefront applications offer lots of new opportunities for business owners that want to expand and promote their online stores. In the review list below we’ve identified some of the best Facebook ecommerce applications to help you sell on Facebook. If you’re not familiar with Facebook apps and you think you may need help installing or managing them, see the Facebook Guide for more information.

payvment Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookPayvment – A comprehensive e-commerce storefront solution that lets you create your own custom store to sell your products directly from Facebook. You can easily add new product listings, create categories, upload product images, add custom HTML, and more. Product listings can be edited and changed at any time and inventory is automatically tracked. One particularly cool feature about this Facebook storefront app is the synchronization of shopping cart with your own website. Another tantalizing feature included is the “fan pricing” which allows you to incentivize users to become fans or “Like” your Facebook page. As a reward for doing this, fans are given special discount rates on products.

bigcommerce social shop Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookBigCommerce SocialShop – This application allows BigCommerce users to sell on Facebook. BigCommerce is a popular online shopping cart software service provider that offers ecommerce solutions for both small businesses and large corporations. BigCommerce merchants must add a new tab to their fan page on Facebook where their products will be listed. Fans can view items, share them with friends, and purchase products directly from their Facebook storefront.

volusion Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookSocial Store Builder – A Facebook e-commerce application created by Volusion that allows you to sell products on your Facebook page. In order to use the social commerce application you must be a Volusion customer that’s subscribed to their Gold plan or higher. Setup up is pretty simple it essentially involves installing the storefront application on your fan page and then importing product listings from your Volusion store.

ecwid Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookEcwid – A free Facebook shopping cart app that can be easily integrated into your own profile to sell on Facebook. The application utilizes the uses the Ecwid e-commerce software combined with AJAX and drag-n-drop functionality to deliver an easy to manage Facebook storefront. One of the major benefits of using this type of solution is that merchants can add their Ecwid store by simply copying and pasting the widget code into any number of websites or social networks. Furthermore, the business owner’s store can be managed from one single location.

my etsy Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookMy Etsy – A Facebook storefront application that lets you add a tab to your Facebook fan page or profile to display your own Etsy shop. For those that aren’t familiar with Etsy, it’s an online marketplace where merchants and consumers can buy and sell handmade items. After implementing the My Etsy Facebook application, visitors will be able to view your Etsy shop from the comfort of Facebook and share it with their friends.

marketplace Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookMarketplace – A widely used app from Facebook for buying and selling just about anything you want through the social network. The idea of creating a socially-generated mall of sorts gives an open-ended use of Facebook for direct sales to network friends. Combining classifieds with social networking, Marketplace gives you bartering options with the people you already know and trust.

cafepress Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookCafePress – For those selling items on CafePress, they can promote their items through their Facebook profiles using this app. CafePress will publish your items on your profile, giving access to all your friends on Facebook. CafePress will also include affiliate links to store items, for those participating in the CafePress Affiliate Program. In this way, you’re better able to leverage your Facebook social graph to sell items and get some kick back for promoting each other’s CafePress stores.

my merch store Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookMyMerchStore – From Zazzle, the MyMerchStore is a way for you to post your products on your profile. Through the app, you can also share products that you like, and find other artists also selling their work. The search and discovery tools in this app foster artist promotion, with the included sharing mechanisms encouraging users to spread the word about products being sold through the Zazzle app.

photoz Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookPhotoZ – Another sellers Facebook app from Zazzle, PhotoZ lets you put photos in your Facebook albums to be turned into products you’re selling on Zazzle.com. This offers a different and less intrusive way of pushing products through a social networking site, while also involving a level of sentiment around the products themselves. Tagging others in a PhotoZ album can encourage Facebook friends to purchase an item through Zazzle in this way.

eventbrite Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookEventbrite – Sure, Facebook is great for promoting an upcoming event. But it would be even easier to sell tickets if they could be purchased through a Facebook app. Enter Eventbrite. The event-planning service has a Facebook app that lets you post, promote and sell tickets for events. This is acheived through Facebook Connect, which gives you Facebook publishing options for events created on Eventbrite.

bodega Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookBodega – A lot of people are making money on Facebook by selling virtual goods. You can do the same, without creating your own app. Bodega lets you buy and sell virtual goods items, and giving you real cash returns for your efforts. Giving consumers direct selling options within an online social environment, Bodega looks to take social casual gaming and virtual goods to the next level.

ebay Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookeBay Auctions – This eBay app for Facebook lets you post your eBay listings on your Facebook profile. In this way, you extend the network to which you’re marketing, dipping into a wider pool of potential customers. As with classifieds apps of a similar nature, the trust factor is one the app relies on to make an impact with a user’s social graph. With Facebook opening its profiles with its new privacy settings, an app such as eBay’s can have improved marketing potential through Facebook’s network, especially if added to a public Fan Page.

shopit Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookShopIt – ShopIt has a Facebook app that allows you to create a store interface on your profile. Selling items in your ShopIt account, you can further promote them through Facebook. Similar to a classifieds app such as Marketplace, you can sell your own items through the ShopIt app. The idea is to leverage relationships with people you already know, increasing the trust factor and minimizing the time spent on researching sellers.

nimbit Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookMusic-My Store (from Nimbit) – Nimbit’s Music-My Store offers a seller’s interface that can be placed directly on your Facebook profile. Designed to sell music, the Nimbit app gives you an entire storefront for selling your music and music-related items. A perk of Nimbit’s music-selling app is that it can be placed on Facebook Fan Pages to increase visibility. If you maintain two separate Facebook profiles for personal and business use, this may be a good app for you.

books on campus Best E commerce Shopping Cart Applications For Selling On FacebookBooks on Campus – Facebook started out as a social network for college students. Where better to create a marketplace for buying and selling textbooks? The Books on Campus app takes the issue of buying and selling textbooks to the heart of the college world by placing its app on Facebook. When you’re connecting with fellow students online, look no further than this Facebook app to tap into a network of used textbooks.

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