online shopping clubs Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsPrivate sales sites and members-only online shopping clubs are able to offer huge discounts on brand name products and services for a fraction of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Most of these private online shopping clubs simply purchase excess inventory directly from the manufacturer and slightly raise the price of the merchandise to make a profit. To the manufacturer, these private shopping clubs are particularly desired because the exclusive nature of these sites do not negatively impact the brand’s image from a consumer’s standpoint. We’ve compiled a review list of some of the top online shopping clubs for attaining large savings on brand name products below. If you know of any others you’d like to submit to us for inclusion in this list, please let us know.

one kings lane Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsOne Kings Lane – A private online shopping club that features brand name home products at huge discounted rates. After alerted of an invite-only sale via email, members can purchase items that are more than half off the manufacturers suggested retail price for a limited period of time.

buy vip Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsBuy VIP – This European online shopping club offers its members exclusive deals on top fashion, sports, and lifestyle products. While not yet available in the United States, BuyVIP has displayed a strong growth with more than three and a half million members worldwide.

gilt groupe Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsGilt Groupe – A private online shopping club that provides short-term big discount offers on luxury items for it’s nearly two million members. Gilt members are able to take advantage of these private flash sales as well as huge discounts offered through Gilt’s group buying site known as Gilt City. The winning combination of a members-only shopping club with group buying benefits for local consumers makes Gilt one of the top online discount shopping sites.

ideeli Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsIdeeli – This online shopping club gets its name by delivering the “ideal” shopping environment for its members. Ideeli features shopping events that last for only a few days or until products sell out. Their products are highly sought after items that are reduced by as much as 80% of the retail price.

keynoir Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsKeynoir – A UK shopping club that’s akin to an exclusive members-only group buying site. Accepted members are emailed daily deals, called Keypasses, which offer huge savings on local services such as restaurants, bars, hotels, as spas. Deals don’t become available for all members unless a specified number of Keypasses are purchased.

jetsetter Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsJetsetter – An invite-only online shopping club that features travel based sales. Members are notified about exclusive property deals which are offered on a first come, first served basis. Jetsetter’s selectivity ensures that only the best properties are included in their week long deal offerings.

hautelook Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsHauteLook – Features top fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and home products at discounted prices of over 50% off for men, women, and kids. Members receive new shopping deal alerts every day from HauteLook’s extensive list of brand name partners. Membership to HauteLook is free and it’s open for everyone that wants to join.

vente privee Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsVente-Privee – A European online shopping club that delivers designer brand products at discounted rates of up to 70% off retail prices for its members. Vente-privee’s exclusive savings offers include products from a wide range of categories such as fashion, sports, electronics, and wine. Members are alerted via email two days prior to the initial deal and sales usually last about three days.

rue la la Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsRue La La – An invite-only online shopping club where members can get great deals on top brand items. Rue La La membership is free and invitations are encouraged through $10 incentives awarded to members for each new invitee’s initial order.

voyage prive Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsVoyage Prive – Another members-only discount travel site that offers exclusive travel deals. Members are able to gain access to travel based sales that reduce retail prices by up to 60%. New travel deals are offered every day at a first come, first served basis and each sale is available for five days.

beyond the rack Best Online Shopping Clubs For Huge Brand Name DiscountsBeyond The Rack – A private sample sale site that offers deep discounts on designer brand products. Items are reduced by over 50% and offered for only a few days. There’s usually about eight new sales events held each day on this members-only online shopping site.

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