Online Diet Plans Weight Loss Sites Top 10 Best Online Diet Plans and Weight Loss SitesEvery day thousands of people torture themselves with fad diets, fasting, or adopting really bad habits to lose weight. Many don’t realize that dieting is a process and crash diets along with starving one’s self does more harm to your body than good. Thankfully, there are some great online diet planning web sites and web based weight loss programs out there. These online diet and fitness resources are chocked full of rich information, moral support, helpful diet tips, great dieting advice, and healthy weight loss tools to help you succeed. If you’re trying on your own and getting nowhere, it’s probably time to seek help. These sites contain valuable resources to help get you started and on your way to getting that healthy, attractive body you’ve always wanted.

biggest loser club Top 10 Best Online Diet Plans and Weight Loss SitesThe Biggest Loser is best known as a reality TV show where overweight contestants compete to see who can lose the most weight. Their online club gives everyone a chance to be The Biggest Loser by offering weight loss challenges, expert advice, a supportive community, shipping lists, journals, recipes, exercise demos, personalized goals based on your body type, and much more. Each day you’ll receive a new personalized menu and exercise plan to prevent boredom from setting in. The club’s charts and graphs track your progress and help you visualize how your weight, measurements, and nutrition levels improve towards reaching your fitness and weight loss goals.

ediets Top 10 Best Online Diet Plans and Weight Loss SiteseDiets lets you create a free profile by entering your weight loss goals and preferences. From there, you’ll receive your BMI along with the suggested amount of calories that you should be eating daily. You’ll also receive three custom designed diet plans based on your profile and one custom exercise with instructions and key points. This exercise will target the area that you chose as most problematic when setting up your profile. If you’d like to continue further, you’ll have to subscribe.

As a subscriber you’ll receive “your perfect plan” which is a personalized menu based around foods that you like. You’ll also get access to the community, Recipe Club, video training, forum, tools and quizzes, astrology, weight lost store and live support from registered dieticians. The cost is $4.49/week with a guarantee to reach your weight loss goal within 6 months. If you would like your meals delivered to you by mail, there is an additional fee. The plans for meal delivery start at $19.95/day plus shipping.

weight watchers Top 10 Best Online Diet Plans and Weight Loss SitesWeight Watchers is most widely known for their weekly meetings which offer moral support, advice and weight loss tips for their customers. During meetings, weigh-ins are confidential and you’re not obligated to speak unless you want to. In addition, they also offer free recipes, fitness demos, numerous internet tools and a unique point system. The point system offers eating flexibility as you’re not restricted to any certain foods. Every food is assigned a point value so all you need to do is stick to your total points allowed each day in order to attain your desired weight loss goal.

Weight Watchers give you a “Monthly Pass” that you’ll need to renew each month. If you join now you’ll be given one month free. To qualify for that however, you’ll need to pay $39.95 for the first month and then you’ll receive the second month free. After your free month, you’ll be billed the regular $39.95/month until you reach your goal or cancel the service.

diet Top 10 Best Online Diet Plans and Weight Loss lets you register for free with access to meal and fitness tracking, tips from leading experts, a workout builder, weight loss challenges, over 1,000 free recipes, and much more. The dashboard is very unique in that it lets you add different modules to your page. You’ll start out with seven default modules and can add more such as RSS/news feeds, videos, community, etc.

You can choose between a free membership and a premium membership. With the premium plan, in addition to the above mentioned features, you receive a personality type diet, customized meal plans, expert fitness plans, personalized emotional coping strategies, online coaching by real dieticians, access to live weekly chat meetings with weight loss experts, and free shipping on all store purchases. The premium plans are $139.35 for 12 months, $86.65 for 6 months, $64.80 for 3 months, and $39.90 for a single month.

diet watch Top 10 Best Online Diet Plans and Weight Loss SitesDietWatch lets you fill out a free profile to get your BMI, weight category and suggested daily calorie intake. The nutrition calculator displays how much you should be consuming for each of the following: carbohydrates, fats, fiber, cholesterol, iron, sodium, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C. I use DailyBurn to track my nutrition and this is definitely a feature I’d love to see there. Besides their four personalized diet plans, you’ll have access to expert advice, fitness plans, meal plans, exercise schedules, shopping lists, recipes and newsletters.

Their weekly plan is only $2.99/week but you’ll be charged in 3-month increments. So, you’ll be charged $38.87 every 3 months. You may cancel any time after the first 8 weeks if you decide against using their services. Their yearly plan works out to be a little than $1.49/week at $77/year. Unfortunately, the annual membership is non-refundable if you do decide to cancel. So make sure you give it a good try before you commit to subscribing for the entire year.

global health fitness Top 10 Best Online Diet Plans and Weight Loss SitesGlobal Health & Fitness guarantees that you’ll lose up to 40lbs within the first 12 weeks after signing up. You’ll get a personalized nutrition plan with foods that you actually like and a personalized fitness plan created to match your body, fitness level, and the equipment that you have to work with. You’ll even get your own online certified personal trainer to help lead you in the right direction, answer workout questions, and give you the support you need. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll receive 24-hour access to their team of experts who are certified in numerous specialties. Global Health & Fitness is definitely my top pick among the list.

For everything mentioned above and much more, you’re probably thinking it must cost an arm and a leg, huh? Incredibly however, it’s modestly priced at only $59.95 for a 12-week membership. Billing is set every quarter and you’re free to cancel at any time.

jillian michaels Top 10 Best Online Diet Plans and Weight Loss SitesJillian Michaels is one of the fitness trainers featured on The Biggest Loser (mentioned above) television show. In addition to being a celebrity, she’s also a fitness expert, life coach, author, radio host, blogger, and a video game and DVD creator. That’s right, she even has her own Wii and Nintendo DS games that you can work out with to stay fit. On the site, you can enter information about your body and exercise habits to get a free weight-loss plan. You’ll be able to see what your ideal weight is and receive a customized weight loss plan. The site tracks your weight loss, offers hundreds of recipes, a fitness diary, and provides you with the motivation you need to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

If you sign up now you’ll get three free Biggest Loser books plus and unlimited access to their internet tools. Their subscription options include a monthly fee of $19.98 or quarterly payments of $29.95.

denise austin Top 10 Best Online Diet Plans and Weight Loss SitesDenise Austin is a fitness expert who has apparently “sold more than 20 million exercise videos and DVDs, authored 10 books on fitness, and starred in the longest running fitness show in the history of television”. Interestingly her website is almost an exact clone of Jillian Michaels (mentioned above). They’re set up the same way and have the nearly the exact same features. So, of course you get customized meal plans, recipes, personalized fitness plans, support, motivation and 15 different online tools to help you track your fitness and weight loss.

Your first 7 days are free but there after you’ll be charged about $4/week ($12/quarterly). Billing is set on a quarterly basis; every 13 weeks but you cancel at anytime. Despite the free 7-day trial, you’ll need to enter your credit card information to give it a try.

anne collins Top 10 Best Online Diet Plans and Weight Loss Sites Anne Collins offers a ton of information on her weight loss site and claims that she has “one of the easiest weight loss programs on the internet”. Her site will teach you how to reduce your fat, lower your cholesterol, improve your blood sugar, reduce cravings, and maintain good healthy eating habits. A forum is provided to offer support and motivational assistance. The Anne Collins Weight Reduction Program is actually used by many doctors and nurses for their overweight patients. Users typically lose about 10 pounds per month on the diet program.

The “Get Fit Kit” is $19.95 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling. The kit includes a 4-week online program (DVDs, stability ball and pump) and has money back guarantee. If you’re not complete satisfied, you can return it within those 4 weeks and get a full refund. After that you’ll be billed $12 on a quarterly basis ($4/week). You can cancel at any time plus get a full refund for the remainder of your quarterly subscription. For a 12-month membership the cost is an impressive one at merely $19.97 for the full year (equivalent to $1.66/month). This includes 9 diets plans to choose from, a forum membership, a vast amount of weight loss information and never-ending support.

weight loss resources Top 10 Best Online Diet Plans and Weight Loss SitesWeight Loss Resources is just that – a world of weight loss information and tools. They leave all the fad diets behind and take a healthy living approach to provide you with the nutritional information and “facts about what your body actually needs”. Once you enter your weight, height, activity levels and goals, you’ll receive your body mass index (BMI). You’ll then be able to see a visualization of your target goals. You can keep track of the foods you eat and the exercises you perform using their helpful charts and tools. There’s also a “Holiday Countdown Challenge” to prepare you for those dieting challenges we all struggle with during the holiday season.

You’ll want to start out with a 24-hour free trial to become familiar with their services and decide if it is something you like. Thankfully, it doesn’t require you to enter your credit card credentials so there’s no risk of accidental charges or requirements on your part to remember to cancel the service later. Since Weight Loss Resources is a UK site, the currency is in Euros. Payment options are as such: £9.74 monthly; £26.28 quarterly (equivalent to £8.76/month); £46.69 bi-annually (equivalent to £7.78/month).

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