identity theft protection services Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesIdentity theft protection services are quite helpful at preventing the incredible damage that can be caused by identity thieves. Identity theft is a serious and stressful issue that happens to many people on a daily basis. Many people are often lost and end up in a terrible financial bind when it happens. Are you aware of the steps you should follow if your identity is stolen? If not, take a look at the identity theft protection guide that’s chocked full of helpful information and identity theft protection tips. Many aren’t aware of how extensive the process can be or how expensive it can be to recover your identity. Luckily, there are several identity theft protection services out there that can take care of this huge burden for you. Below we’ve created a list of our top 10 identity theft protection services that includes a comparison chart so you can easily find the one that best fits your needs.

Identity Theft Protection Services Comparison Chart

lifelock Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesLifeLock – One of the best identity theft protection services that provides early notifications of any type of identity threats such as a sudden increase in credit card applications. You can receive alerts by email, postal mail and/or phone. They search the Web to make sure that no one is illegally selling your personal information. If your wallet is lost or stolen, they will help you cancel any credit cards and then replace the items that you lost. For security reasons, whenever a change of address is requested by you, they will verify that it is you actually requesting it. With the added protection of their Command Center, you are even more informed of the whereabouts of your personal information. If you become a victim due to their service failure, they’ll help you fix any identity theft issues at their expense – up to $1,000,000 guaranteed by XL Capital. “Due to New York state law restrictions, the Service Guarantee is not offered, applicable or available to residents of the state of New York.”

trusted id Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesTrustedID – This identity theft protection service provider offers complete identity theft protection solutions for both individuals and families. Plus, they’re continuously creating new tools and services to make sure you have top-notch security. Whenever you have a question or concern, their protection specialists are only a call away. With their IDFreeze feature, you’ll be notified before a problem arrives, not after. With IDFreeze you get medical benefits monitoring, lost wallet protection, fraud alerts, junk mail reduction, spyware protection, plus 5 types of identity scanning. “And it is all backed by a $1,000,000 service warranty and On-Call Protection Specialists, so you don’t have to worry.” Their service warranty is backed by AIG and Lloyd’s of London. If you’re looking for even more protection, you can add their CreditLock to your subscription. Doing this places a freeze on your credit report so that none of the credit bureaus can release your credit report (to third parties) without your permission. If you’re looking for great protection for the whole family, TrustedID is the way to go. They are currently offering a 30-day free trial.

id watch dog Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesID Watchdog – An identity theft protection service that continues to hold a 100% success rate in restoring identities. They offer reliable, extensive services with their patent-pending technology that can’t be beat. You can use their exclusive “Identity Management Dashboard” to conveniently manage your account online. This dashboard gives you real-time access to your “Identity Profile Report”. What’s in this report? Well you’ll be able to see all of your personal data and records that have been taken from thousands of databases. In this way, you can also monitor your own records and report any discrepancies. You will also receive immediate alerts of suspicious activity, after which ID SnapShot can be used to solve the problem ASAP. This comprehensive “SnapShot” allows them to pinpoint where the problem(s) came from. Re-establishment of your identity is provided free of charge and is backed by their “100% resolution guarantee”. In addition to their monthly and annual plan, you can also get the annual plan with ID Snapshot for $259.95 or pay for 3 years at $466.95. They are currently offering a 30-day free trial for those who choose to pay monthly.

identity truth Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesIdentityTruth – An identity theft protection plan that offers comprehensive protection along with a complete Identity Resource Center. They go beyond basic credit-based monitoring with their Faster than Fraud technology in order to monitor numerous sources. “This service continuously combines and analyzes any and all information that is discovered specific to an individual to detect suspicious activities, report possible fraud before it happens and provide concrete next-steps to resolve a problem that may arise.” They explain that only 15% of identity theft is credit-related, so these types of identity theft protection services do not help you the other 85% of the time. This is why it’s important to monitor all other personal data – which IdentityTruth does. You will be notified of breach alerts as well as fraud alerts. Like ID Watchdog, you will have access to an identity dashboard where you can closely monitor changes to your personal profile.

true credit Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesTrueCredit – An identity theft protection service by TransUnion which closely monitors your three credit reports and will send you alerts of critical changes within 24 hours. They will notify you of fraudulent activity, new credit inquiries, new accounts, late payments and more. Plus they include up to $25,000 of identity theft insurance. You’ll be able to view your secure credit report along with color graphs and charts that show credit trends and an interactive guide. You can also access your three credit scores (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax), which can be updated every 30 days. Want even more control over your credit report? You can enable their TrueCreditLock which will let you lock and unlock your TransUnion credit report anytime you please. Locking it will prevent others from viewing it and of course stop thieves from getting credit in your name. They are currently offering a 30-day risk-free trial.

equifax id patrol Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesEquifax ID Patrol – This identity theft protection program claims to offer “the most comprehensive protection against identity theft”. They monitor your three credit reports and send you alerts of any pertinent changes and fraudulent activity. You will be able to lock and unlock your Equifax credit report at any time, in order to prevent unwanted access. You will also have 24-hour access to their trained ID Theft Resolution Specialists. Their services includes up to $1,000,000 identity theft insurance. You will even be alerted whenever your information is being “traded” on the Internet. You will also get one free 3-in-1 credit report along with unlimited Equifax credit reports. They’re currently offering a special of $14.95 a month; their service is usually $16.95 a month.

protect my id Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesProtect My ID – An identity theft protection service that’s backed by Experian and offers daily monitoring for both adults and children. You can protect your child by enrolling them in ChildSecure, which can be added to your membership, for a small fee. They will monitor all three of your credit reports for any kind of new lines of credit activity. Their Internet protection offers monitoring for use of your Social Security number (SSN), credit cards and debit card on the Web. Their unique address safeguard will let you know if someone tries to forward your personal mail to a different location. Their service is backed by a $1,000,000 guarantee and there is even additional security offered for lost and stolen cards. With their LostWallet protection, they’ll have you cancel all cards in the case of a lost or stolen wallet. Plus, if their service fails, they’ll reimburse you for lost funds that your bank or credit card company won’t recover. Unfortunately, “due to New York state law restrictions, the Guarantee cannot be offered to residents of New York”. They do offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

identity guard Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesIdentity Guard – An identity theft fraud protection service that offers “award-winning Identity Guard Total Protection from the company that has protected over 30 million consumers”. They offer credit, Internet and mobile protection. You’ll receive unlimited access to your 3-bureau credit score and 3-bureau credit report along with monitoring. Their Total Protection patented technology offers the most comprehensive Internet security on the market. You’ll receive anti-virus (ZoneAlarm) and anti-spyware protection, firewall software, and an exclusive ID Vault that will encrypt and store all of your online usernames, passwords and credit card information. Plus you’ll get protection from phishing, pharming and keystroke logging as well as alerts about use of your Social Security number, credit card and debit card on the Web. Their Mobile Lockbox protects you on the go by giving you secure storage for your records via the mobile Web. If your wallet is lost or stolen, their Lost Wallet Protection will help you by canceling all of your cards and giving you up to $2,000 of emergency cash from your account. Their identity theft insurance is backed by AIG and Travelers Casualty and Surety. If you’re someone that spends a lot of time on the Internet, Identity Guard is definitely the plan for you. They are currently offering a 2-week free trial.

id armor Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesID Armor – This identity theft protection company offers junk mail reduction and free access to your three credit reports annually (sent by mail). You will receive fraud alerts pertaining to all three credit reports. Whenever someone is viewing your credit report and evaluating it for new credit offers, you’ll receive a notification. Their junk mail reduction will remove you from pre-screened credit lists so that will not be contacted by fraudulent credit offering companies with only one goal – stealing your identity. Best of all, you’ll receive unlimited customer service support. So whenever you have a question or concern, you can turn to one of their theft risk management specialists for help.

debix Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesDebix – This identity theft protection provider has OnCall credit alerts and an OnCall investigation team to manage your account. Their OnCall patent pending solution means that you’ll instantly receive fraud alerts via phone as opposed to email. “And unlike ordinary credit monitoring, there are no duplicate or insignificant alerts, just specific, actionable information needed to stop the damage”. How will you know that these calls are legit? Well, upon registering with Debix you’ll select a PIN and record a Voice Key that you’ll be able to recognize when receiving a call. It’s all automated so that you simply press 1 if the account in question is legitimate or * if fraud is suspected; you will then be directly connected to an OnCall investigator. They offer $1,000,000 loss reimbursement insurance guarantee and exceptional fraud recovery service; they will restore your identity. $25,000 of that insurance is backed by AIG. If you are worried about the safety of your child’s identity, Debix is definitely for you.If you would like to add a child there is an additional fee of $2.50 per month.

intelius Comparison Review of Best Identity Theft Protection ServicesIntelius Identity Protection – With this identity theft protection service you’ll receive a free credit report, SSN monitoring, credit and debit card monitoring, bank account monitoring and public records monitoring – all 24-hour monitoring. If that’s not enough, you’ll receive fraud alerts via SMS or email, opt-out service for junk mail and credit card offers and $25,000 in identity theft insurance. You’ll also be able to customize your own “Watch List” so that you can keep a close eye on what’s most important to you. They will also search online for any black market transactions containing your , and immediately alert you if they find anything suspicious. You can rest assure that your phone number(s), address, drivers license, credit card and Social Security number are all secure with Intelius IDWatch. They are currently offering a 7-day free trial.

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