Happy Pets Guide How To Tips Cheats Codes Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy Pets

Happy Pets, created by CrowdStar, is a Facebook game where you raise and play with pets to build them a dream home. In this Happy Pets strategy guide, we will identify things like how to play Happy Pets, how to win lots of money, and useful Happy Pets tips. We will continue to update the Happy Pets guide as new game features are released by CrowdStar. Let us know if you have any killer tips or winning strategies that aren’t included and we’ll incorporate them into the game guide ASAP!

Happy Pets Beginners

Happy Pets Getting Started Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy Pets

Adopt a pet – In the beginning of the game, you’ll need to go to the pet store to adopt a pet (i.e. a kitten). To do this, click on the store icon in the lower left hand corner of the page and then select the kitten you want to purchase. You can cusomize your kitten by changing its name and selecting the gender of the pet.

Feeding your pet – You’ll need to feed your new pet regularly so it can grow and you’ll earn experience points for doing this. To feed your pet, click on the can of food at the bottom of the Happy Pets screen and then click on the food bowl repeatedly. This will fill the bowl with food for your new pet. If you fail to feed your pet, don’t worry it won’t die. Pets that aren’t fed or that are neglected simply get sad and don’t grow.

Cleaning your Happy Pets home and food bowl – Cleaning your pet’s home is not only good hygiene but you’ll earn coins and experience points for doing it. To clean your pet’s house, grab the litter scooper and click on the litterbox several times until you see it’s clean. Cleaning your pet’s food dish isn’t necessary; just refill it with more food when it becomes empty.

Give your pet some attention – Giving your pet affection by petting them or playing with them is important for their overall happiness and well being. To pet your own Happy Pet, click on the hand icon and then click on your pet moving the curser back and forth. If your pet is a kitten/cat is will purr and you’ll receive coins for doing so.

Adding Happy Pets friends – Friends are important to have in the game as you can earn more experience points and coins. To add new friends in Happy Pets, click on the “Invite Friends” tab at the top of the screen and select the Facebook friends you want to invite. Once you’ve added them and they’ve completed your request, they will show up in your Happy Pets friend list located at the bottom of your screen.

Sending and receiving gifts – You can send free gifts to your Happy Pets friends by clicking on the “Free Gifts” tab at the top of the page. Once sent, your friend will be notified of the gift and they will be encouraged to do the same for you. To accept gifts, navigate to your Facebook Requests page to confirm them and they will automatically appear in your Happy Pets home after doing so.

Visiting friends’ pets – You can earn more experience points and coins by visiting your friends pets and completing various tasks. Such tasks include clicking on their piggy bank, petting their pet, and cleaning ther house (i.e. litter box).

Buying Pet Cash – Pet Cash is simply a virtual currency that you can use to purchase special items in Happy Pets store. You must purchase Pet Cash with your real credit card or PayPal account. Whether it is worth it or not to purchase such special items is up to you.

Customizing your house – After you’ve been playing for awhile and have saved up enough coins, you can spend some money adding some decor to your pet’s house. To buy new items for your home, click on the store and navigate to the Furnishings section. Here you will find an assortment of walls, floors, furniture and wall stuff. You can add chairs, plants, fish, stoves, lamps and just about any other home furnishings you’d find in real life.

How to move furniture and decorations – To move items in your house, grab the select arrow and click on the item you want to move. Now you can reposition the item anywhere in your house.

How to sell your Happy Pet – To sell your pet, click on it and select Give Away. When your pet is successfully adopted, you’ll receive some coins for the sale.

Number of pets you can adopt – As you reach new levels in the Happy Pets game you’ll be able to adopt more of them and eventually own five total. Initially however, you’ll only be able to adopt 2 cats when starting out in level one. At level 4 you’ll be able to adopt three cats, at level 7 you’ll be able to add another cat and at level 10 you can have up to five cats in total.

Piggy bank – When playing Happy Pets you’ll notice a piggy bank in each pet’s home. When you click on the piggy bank you’ll receive coins. Each piggy bank is refilled each day at midnight (PST).

How to earn Happy Pets coins – You can earn coins in Happy Pets by 1) cleaning your litter box and your friends’ litterboxes, 2) selling your pets, 3) petting your pets and your friends’ pets, 4) selling decorations and furniture, and 5) clicking on your piggy bank and your friends’ piggy banks.

How To Play Happy Pets

Happy Pets How To Play Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy Pets

Selecting a pet – Currently you can only select cats as your pet but CrowdStar will soon allow you to adopt dogs as well. Cats vary in color and cost but in general, the more expensive a pet is at the store, the more they should yield in profits.

Happy Pets experience points are for leveling-up – You can earn experience points to level-up by completing tasks in the game like 1) petting your pets and your friends’ pets, 2) cleaning litterboxes for your pets and your friends’ pets, 3) feeding your pets, and 4) playing with pets (e.g. laser pointer).

Why Happy Pets friends are important – To some extent, the amount of friends you have in Facebook’s Happy Pets game controls your performance. For example, if you don’t have very many Happy Pets friends you won’t be able to level up as fast since there are less pets and homes to visit in which you can earn Happy Pets money or experience points. Hence, it is in your best interest to invite your Facebook friends to join you in the game.

Giving gifts to friends – There are several free Happy Pets gifts that you can give to your friends. This is helpful to you as it encourages your Happy Pets friends to reciprocate the act. While many times you many receive unwanted gifts, you’ll also be given gifts that you actually need too.

Assisting your friends – Stopping by your friends’ Happy Pets home to earn experience points or extra coins by cleaning and petting their cats not only helps you but it helps them too. Thus they will be more likely to return the favor and notify you when your cats need fed or when they need their litterbox cleaned.

Happy Pets Strategy

Happy Pets Game Strategies Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy Pets

Happy Pets icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy PetsFeed your pet often – Remember that your pet needs to be fed frequently otherwise they will stop growing. Regular feeding sessions for your pet ensures that it grows at a normal rate and you’ll have a healthy animal.

Happy Pets icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy PetsBuy more pets – Purchasing more pets increases your earnings potential for Happy Pets money and experience points. More pets require more attention but you can level-up faster too.

Happy Pets icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy PetsGive back to your friends often – Helping out your Happy Pets friends by cleaning their house and sending them gifts is good for all parties involved. That is you gain experience points and coins completing these tasks and doing so encourages your friends to do the same for you.

Happy Pets icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy PetsUse that skip button please – During the game you’ll be presented with the opportunity to post game accomplishments to your Facebook profile but you shouldn’t always do this. Many Facebook friends find this terribly annoying and may “hide” your posts from the news feed or worse, unfriend you if you do it too often. Our suggestion is to only post the most important accomplishments you achieve in the Happy Pets game. If you want to prevent the request to post window from popping up and asking you to do this, go to your profile’s privacy settings to make the appropriate changes. If you don’t know how to do this, check out our Facebook Guide to see the detailed instructions as well as many other Facebook tips and tricks.

Happy Pets icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy PetsChange web browsers – If you’re having problems with the game loading or it frequently freezes on you, try using a faster web browser like Opera or Google Chrome when playing.

Happy Pets icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy PetsAdd Happy Pets friends the right way – There are unwritten rules of inviting people to add you as their friend on Facebook. When sending the invite make sure you include a message that describes what the Facebook add or Happy Pets add is for. For example, if you want to add someone as a Happy Pets friend, include the message “Happy Pets add” or “Happy Pets”. Doing so also ensures they add you to the correct Facebook friend list in their account.

Happy Pets icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy PetsBecome a fan of Happy Pets – Accumulating Happy Pets friends is one of the most crucial things you can do but its hard to find other players sometimes. A great solution to this problem is to join some of the Happy Pets fan pages or groups that exist.

Happy Pets icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Happy PetsSend your Happy Pets tips – We will be continually adding to this Happy Pets guide to make sure it is up-to-date with the latest information. If you believe any great Happy Pets tips or strategies are missing, let us know and we’ll update it as soon as possible. Sending us your tips helps us keep the guide current and ensures that your friends know about the latest Happy Pets tips so that they may help you succeed in the game too!

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