freelance writing sites Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaidFreelance writing has gotten a big perk from the online publishing industry, with a surge in opportunities for writers to have their work published and promoted on top online freelance writing sites. The ability for the Internet to convey information and spread the wealth of knowledge has expanded the possibilities for the publishing industry as a whole, opening up niche markets that can support an industry of several kinds of writers. Here’s some of the best freelance writing sites that can aid you in your pursuit of a successful freelance writing career.

associated content Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaidAssociated Content – An aggregating site that acts as a conduit between freelance writers and publications that are in need of your content. You must register for an account in order to submit your writing. Content posted on this site is used as resources for other sites, and includes tools for self-promotion across the social web. There are options for up front pay as well as additional pay based on traffic.

ehow Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaideHow – An online information resource full of how to articles and videos published by freelance writers. As an eHow writer you’ll enjoy the opportunity to choose your own writing topics. eHow provides lots of advice, resources, tips and tools to help you write quality traffic-generating content and earn money as a writer.

helium Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaidHelium – A blog-like site where your revenue is based on your traffic and subsequent ad click-through rate. The more you write, the more your earning potential is. Remain consistent and link back to your content on Helium, and your earnings will grow over time.

squidoo Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaidSquidoo – Another user-generated site that pays its users to contribute content. Create a Squidoo Lens on the site and you can earn money for your writing. Similar to HubPages, Squidoo helps is contributors with tools for selecting and promoting work. Squidoo also works well as a place to promote other work you have published across the web.

brighthub Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaidBrightHub – A site geared towards science, health, education and technology writers that pays up front for each article plus monthly page views. Bright Hub has a team of editors on hand to help you create content rich articles that bring in tons of traffic. If you’re a geek, novice technology enthusiast, or teacher looking for some extra income, Bright Hub may just be the place for you.

hubpages Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaidHubPages – A blogging platform of sorts, with advertising integrated for your revenue-generating needs. Write as you deem fit and earn cash for the traffic you receive. HubPages gives your ads optimal placement for higher returns, and helps you select high-traffic topics that will gain the interest of new readers.

suite101 Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaidSuite101 – A web-based editorial tool for you to submit, review and distribute your content. Keeping track of the content you publish, Suite101 helps you earn royalties over an extended period of time based on the performance of your work. Suite101 also features forums and other tools, tips and resources to help you become a better freelance writer.

ifreelance Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaidiFreelance – An online marketplace for freelance writers and companies that need written content. From brochure copywriting to article reviews, the iFreelance marketplace joins the writers with the projects they seek. Tools are provided on iFreelance to help writers advertise their services within its marketplace for improved visibility.

online writing jobs Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaidOnline Writing Jobs – This search tool acts as a job board for freelance writers. Delineated by category, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your writing area of interest and style. From freelance to copywriting, there are tons of potential writing jobs to check out here.

freelance writing Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaidFreelance Writing – A search hub for freelance writers seeking gigs. The site features additional resources, tools and guides for freelance writers. Combining a job board with a centralized point of access specific for writers could be a useful resource in itself.

review stream Top 10 Freelance Writing Sites To Get PaidReviewStream – Product reviews online generate a great deal of traffic for diligent consumers. Brands also like review sites so they can tap into some free market research to see what consumers really think about their products. The publishers that run these review sites are willing to pay for people to review products for their site, and ReviewStream is your one-stop shop for writing reviews and getting paid for doing so.

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