watch movies online sites Free Services To Watch Movies Online Without DownloadingFree is good. Especially when it comes to watching movies online. There are several websites to watch movies online that provide a wealth of free streaming movies that can be delivered directly to your home. The beauty of free movie streaming is that you can watch videos immediately instead of waiting for them to download and, perhaps more important, their totally free! Theaters these days charge between $8 and $15 for a single ticket and the pricey snacks usually double your expenses. In the end, you’re looking at $20 to $40 for two people to see a single movie. While there are other plenty of discount alternatives like Netflix or Blockbuster, they’re not free and you’re gonna be charged a reoccurring monthly fee regardless of whether or not you actually use the service each month. So if you’ve looking to watch movies online without downloading them, check out the list of resources we’ve compiled below. If you know of any other free sites to watch movies online that are not included here, leave a comment to tell us so we can add it to the list.

hulu Free Services To Watch Movies Online Without DownloadingHulu – Owned by NBC and Fox, Hulu is the combined efforts of major broadcast networks to provide quality content over the web. With instant access to movies, television shows, interviews and other exclusive content, NBC and Fox were looking to have better control over their brands’ content that is distributed via the web. Hulu turned out to be a great website, with easy navigation and search. The available content is also rather extensive, and is not limited to just NBC and Fox content. For a more theater-like experience, Hulu Desktop application allows you to ditch your browser and access Hulu’s content from the friendly confines of your computer’s desktop.

crackle Free Services To Watch Movies Online Without DownloadingCrackle – A great source for watching free movies online and accessing popular TV show episodes. While most free online movie providers merely offer old films or B movies, Crackle is chocked full of popular A list movie favorites. Crackle serves each video with a 30-second pre-roll advertisement and short 15-second commercial breaks approximately every 20 minutes thereafter.

youtube Free Services To Watch Movies Online Without DownloadingYouTube – Feeling the pressure from Hulu, the king of online video started offering full-length movies that you can watch for free. YouTube’s ability to deliver dependable, fast streaming video is unrivaled by most. Google brings that same great service to YouTube Movies where you can watch free movies online with less commercial interruption than Hulu.

boxee Free Services To Watch Movies Online Without DownloadingBoxee – A newcomer on the scene, operating primarily through a set top box you place in your home. It is connected to the Internet and provides streaming movie content that you watch watch directly on your television. Boxee also has an associated website for you to manage your account and access your content. As Boxee is well-funded and has relationships with many major content providers, Boxee is likely to last long enough to make it worth your while.

fancast Free Services To Watch Movies Online Without DownloadingFancast – Coming straight from Comcast, the Fancast site also has movies available for free streaming. As a content provider featuring shows and movies from various different studios, Comcast has relationships with many of these larger brands. The result is a decent selection of free streaming movies.

joost Free Services To Watch Movies Online Without DownloadingJoost – One of the older sites listed here, but with a jump start on forging relationships with content providers Joost has been able to build up quite a database of content. You can watch free movies directly from Joost’s site where they are categorized across various genres and points of interest.

snagfilms Free Services To Watch Movies Online Without DownloadingSnagfilms – A great site to find documentaries. This online catalog of documentaries presents a unique site designated for the film genre. Leave comments, bookmark your favorites, and stay updated on new documentaries that will soon be released. If you are into good documentary films, then this one free movie site you’ll want to check out.

babelgum Free Services To Watch Movies Online Without DownloadingBabelgum – A free on-demand video service that provides full-length documentary style movies from both amateur and professional filmmakers. Babelgum also has a great library of short videos ranging from musical performances and comedy shorts to celebrity interviews. You can access Babelgum’s movies and videos from either their website or their mobile application.

veoh Free Services To Watch Movies Online Without DownloadingVeoh – A quick and easy search tool for finding the videos you want to watch. There are a number of movies available for streaming through Veoh. Register for an account to track your favorite content and receive recommendations. The service also has a downloadable player for your desktop, letting you stash videos away for later viewing.

ov guide Free Services To Watch Movies Online Without DownloadingOV Guide – This free movie site will help you locate films and tv shows from various different genres. You can filter by content provider or producer as well as receive recommendations based on your own personal movie preferences. This makes OV Guide a very helpful search tool for both the content and the content providers thereby helping you find the best film or the best free movie site to frequent the next time you need a flick fix.

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