free ebook sites tools Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesFree ebooks are on the rise as new digital readers like the Amazon Kindle and other competitors hit mainstream consumers. Ebooks and digital readers present new opportunities for sharing and accessing book bound data that has previously been restricted to those only with a copy of the original book. As social and legal expectations around this process become more accepting of free content, the more we can benefit from things like free ebooks. Below are some top free ebook sites and resources for finding free ebooks for your computer and mobile devices. Leave us a comment to submit other free ebook sites to this list that are worth visiting.

Free eBook Sites and Resouces

dailylit Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesDailyLit – An online resource for free ebooks. The service is also tied with your other accounts, including email or RSS. What this does is deliver portions of a book to you on a daily basis. Breaking books up into bite-sized pieces makes it easier for you to actually comprehend and complete those books in your queue.

project gutenberg Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesProject Gutenberg – Named after the man who is credited for inventing the printing press, Project Gutenberg aims to increase access to the written word on a digital level. Project Gutenberg features a reported 30,000 titles for download across multiple devices. If you’re looking for a printed published title, this is a good place to start.

witguides Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesWitguides – Offers a wide range of free ebooks available for download. No registration necessary, and all the books on this site are free. Content is tested to ensure it is free of spam, spyware and viruses.

free book spot Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesFree Book Spot – An online resource for free downloadable ebooks. While Free Book Spot covers several categories, there is a great deal of science- and technology-related books on the site. Users can leave reviews of books, giving additional feedback for you to consider before downloading a book to read.

wowio Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesWowio – Covers a number of genres for the books available through this site. Easy to navigate, you are likely to find several interesting reads. Most the content can be downloaded for a fee, but read online free of charge.

scribd Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesScribd – Your one-stop shop for free document-sharing. Nicknamed the YouTube of documents, Scribd has a wealth of content to access and share across the social web. Here you can also find eBooks, most of which are self-published.

wattpad Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesWattpad – A community for lovers of the written word. Here you will find content written by individuals who have uploaded their work to share with the world. Still free, these eBooks cover a number of genres. Wattpad also has extensive mobile offerings, granting access to the site’s content even while you’re on the go.

free ebooks Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesFree e-Books – A very user-friendly site for searching eBooks. There are a few options for each title available on the site, including the ability to download the file for your computer or your mobile device. Additionally you can view the eBook online, directly through the site. Free e-Books also has a community, so registered users can save books to their library and rate and review titles as well.

world public library Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesWorld Public Library – Just as the name indicates, this is a library for online content. You will need to create an account to access content from this site, which comes primarily in PDF format. Here you will find the type of content typically kept in a library, so there is a heavy focus on novels and resource books.

Search and eBook Directories

ebook 3000 Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourceseBook 3000 – A useful search tool for finding free content to download. None of the content is stored on the site, so there are often multiple resources for downloading a single title. Ebook 3000 has a wider range of content to download than most other sites, with categories for comics, magazines and news publications.

google books Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesGoogle Book Search – As with many other Google search verticals, Google Book Search provides a well-rounded tool for finding the title you’re looking for. In some cases you can read the content online. The good thing about Google is that the company is working directly with publishers to make more titles available for free in an online format, so you’re sure to find a good range of content here.

e books directory Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourceseBooks Directory – This site allows you to quickly search and find the web for books you’re interested in. Search books, lecture notes, text books and other documents that have already been uploaded to the Internet. The content you will find here is typically copyrighted and published works, so the number of titles offered is smaller than what you will find in other sites and directories.

Tools and eBook Readers

adobe digital editions Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesAdobe Digital Editions – As part of the Adobe suite of solutions, the company also offers an ebook library management tool. Downlod and organize your ebooks into a setup you’re comfortable with. Transfer protected book files to other computers so you have access to those ebooks no matter what. If you tend to read a lot of PDF-formatted eBooks, Adobe is something to certainly consider.

amazon kindle Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesAmazon Kindle – A mobile ebook reader that lets you take your favorite titles and other publications with you to read on the go. A great companion for books purchased on Amazon, the Kindle takes book reading to the next level.

lexcycle Free eBooks: Sites, Tools and ResourcesStanza – Stanza from Lexcycle is a mobile ebook reader that works on your iPhone. Now part of the Amazon family, Stanza offers a wealth of features for its mobile reading services. For a fluid, agnostic tool for reading eBooks on the go, Stanza is probably your best bet.

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