top facebook restaurant games Best Facebook Restaurant Game ApplicationsFacebook restaurant games are some of the most popular gaming apps available on the social network. Many of the online restaurant games hosted there are unique and elaborate whereas other are very simple. Restaurant games on Facebook are free and they can quickly be deleted from your account once you complete them or become tired of playing them. To find out how to add or remove Facebook games and apps from your profile, check out our Facebook Guide which contains a plethora of information from how to change your privacy settings to editing your friend lists. Below you’ll find a list of the top Facebook restaurant game apps to play. Feel free to suggest your own favorite online restaurant game using the comment form if you don’t see them listed here. To find other games worth playing on Facebook, check out the best Facebook games list.

cafe world Best Facebook Restaurant Game ApplicationsCafé World – Café World is a Facebook game that allows you to create and operation your own restaurant. Cooking dishes to serve to your friends will earn you coins and experience points as will selling dinner to your customers. To find out how to play Café World see our Cafe World Guide that contains helpful Cafe World tips and tricks on getting the most out of the game.

restaurant city Best Facebook Restaurant Game ApplicationsRestaurant City – Restaurant City is very similar to Café World. In this game, you can customize your own character and expand your restaurant to increase profits. Before you can do that however, you need to put in work cooking and serving food to your customers. For more helpful tips on how to succeed in the game, see our Restaurant City Guide.

cupcake cafe Best Facebook Restaurant Game ApplicationsCupcake Café – If you like baking cupcakes, you will really like this game. In this game, you can create and bake cupcakes and then send them to your friends or sell them to generate money and experience points. The more you send and sell, the more ingredients and recipes you will unlock as well. As you unlock more items, you’ll be able to create more confections.

restaurant life Best Facebook Restaurant Game ApplicationsRestaurant Life – This game allows you to choose all of the décor for the restaurant so you can totally customize the look and feel of it. You can even customize your own personal menu for the restaurant if you wish. Once you’ve tweaked your restaurant you’ll want to get to working in the kitchen cooking and serving food to your customers so you can advance quickly in the game.

my restaurant Best Facebook Restaurant Game ApplicationsMy Restaurant – A Facebook game that allows you to build and manage not just restaurants but cafes and bars as well. You’ll need to work hard to climb your way up the ladder to unlock more ingredients. When you unlock other ingredients, you can cook and serve more dishes that can earn more money for you.

baby restaurant Best Facebook Restaurant Game ApplicationsBaby Restaurant – This game is a bit different from the previously discussed Facebook restaurant games. In this game you are given a restaurant to operate as well as the duty of taking care of babies. If you think you are up for it, try giving this game a chance. I’m sure you’ll find that running a restaurant and providing child care is quite a challenge.

busy restaurant Best Facebook Restaurant Game ApplicationsBusy Restaurant – This is a very basic restaurant game on Facebook. In this restaurant game you can easily create your diner and serve many dishes of food to paying customers. If you are looking for a very basic restaurant game to play that doesn’t require much work, you might consider giving it a try and adding it tor your Facebook account.

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