Restaurant City Guide How To Tips Cheats Codes Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant City

Restaurant City, created by Playfish, is a very entertaining Facebook application game in which you are given your own restaurant business to operate. In this Restaurant City strategy guide, we’ll teach you how to play Restaurant City, how to win money, and helpful Restaurant City tips that will assist you becoming a top player. We will continue to keep this Restaurant City guide up-to-date as Playfish adds new features to the game. Please inform us if you have any great tips or strategies missing from our guide and we’ll add them the next time we update it.

Restaurant City Beginners

Restaurant City Getting Started Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant City

Customize your Restaurant City character – After starting up Restaurant City, you’ll be presented with the ability to change the look of your Restaurant City avatar. There you can change your character’s clothing, his/her facial features, skin colour, and hair color. Changing your Restaurant City character’s look is simply a personal preference and there is no game based advantage of doing it. Despite this however, Playfish has done a great job of giving the user lots of control here and making it fun to do.

Moving your Restaurant City character – Unlike some other games, you can’t move your character to complete common tasks. However, you can assign them jobs to do in which they will maintain a posted position during the game.

Customizing your restaurant – In the beginning of the game, you are given one stove and three tables with three chairs to furnish your restaurant. As you earn more money and attain new Restaurant City levels you can buy more things like decorations, tables, ovens, chairs, windows, walls, floors, doors, and fireplaces. You can even build on to your restaurant and thereby increase your sales to make a lot more money.

How To Play Restaurant City

Restaurant City How To Play Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant City

Cooking in Restaurant City – Upon starting Restaurant City, you’ll need to assign yourself a job (i.e. Chef). You next step is to hire a waiter to dish out the food you’re going to be preparing for your customers. The game will pretty much walk you through these steps making it easy to get your restaurant open for business. Once it’s ready you’ll receive a cash bonus for making your restaurant fully functional. At that point you can select the kind of foods you want to cook and your character will automatically prepare what you tell it to make.

Collecting ingredients in Restaurant City – There’s a large selection of recipes and ingredients that can be utilized but not all of them are immediately available. That is, you’ll have to achieve new levels to unlock the various different ingredients and learn new recipes. Once they’ve been unlocked you can buy them and reap the benefits of using them. Collecting more ingredients is beneficial as it allows you to learn more recipes. Ingredients can also be bought at the ingredients market, gifted to you by friends, or obtained by trading ingredients with friends.

Maintaining your staff’s energy – The number below the employee’s smiley represents their energy level. The lower it is, the slower they work. If the energy level for your workers (i.e. waiters, chefs, janitors) reaches zero, they’ll completely stop working and if your restaurant staff isn’t working, your customers will become unhappy and give your restaurant a poor rating. As a consequence of this, less customers will visit and restaurant profits will fall. Thus it is important to keep your restaurant staff’s energy level high. To re-energize them you just need to click on the employee menu and either feed them, rest them, or do both. Employees will 100% energy can work for about 3 hours before they need to rest or eat again.

Gourmet points help you level-up – Gourmet points are akin to experience points; you earn gourmet points by performing tasks such as preparing food, hiring employees, cleaning, buying things, and helping your Restaurant City friends. As you rack up more gourmet points you’ll attain new levels in the game, get a cash bonus, be able to hire more employees, and do more things.

Your restaurant’s rating – Located near the top right corner of screen in Restaurant City is an image of a thumbs-up with a value. That value indicates your restaurant’s ratings score and controls the number of customers you receive. If your restaurant rating increases, more customers visit you, and you make more money. In contrast, if it decreases, less customers visit your restaurant and your restaurant’s profits drop. Making customers wait because there is not enough chairs can be a source of poor ratings.

Why Restaurant City friends are important – Basically, adding new friends in Restaurant City is important because the number of friends you have limits what you can accomplish in the game. You need friends to hire them to work for you as waiters, chefs, and janitors. Not only can you receive gifts from friends but you can earn more Restaurant City coins by increasing friend numbers. Friends can also be a great source for trading and obtaining new ingredients. If you don’t want to offer any of your own ingredients for trading with friends, you need to click on them in order to lock ingredients. Otherwise you can simply ask your friends for ingredients that you need. Overall however, it is necessary for you to keep inviting more Facebook friends so the you can earn more cash and grow your restaurant business.

Giving friends gifts – Gifts can be given and received in Restaurant City and both acts are helpful to all parties. Giving gifts encourages those receiving to give back to those that gave and vice versa. If you have some friends that are playing at a higher Restaurant City level they will often send you an ingredient or item in return that you need and can’t afford yet.

Help your friends – Just like gifting, helping your Restaurant City friends can encourage them to do the same for you. You can help your friends by either working for them or visiting their restaurant. By doing this you can earn more gourmet points and obtain ingredients that you need.

Awards – Restaurant City awards are given out to players for accomplishing milestones as they play the game. These goals/milestones are dependent on such things as how many friends you add, how many pieces of trash you’ve cleared, the number of friends you visit, how many items you’ve gifted, how many ingredients you trade, the number of coins you spend, how many indoor/outdoor items you buy, the number of avatar items you’ve bought, if your dish reaches level 10 and how many of them do, the total number of restaurants you’ve rated, and how many plants you’ve harvested.

Restaurant City Rating Guide – You can have your restaurant appear in random streets by joining this guide. Doing so enables other Restaurant City game players to visit and rate your place of business.

Random Street – This is where you start your culinary sojourn as a restaurant critic. You can go to Random Street to rate other restaurants and get extra ingredients because of it. Decorating your restaurant to make it appear more attractive can help you get more visitors to rate your restaurant when it appears on Random Street. As your restaurant grows and becomes more popular, you can get your restaurant on Gourmet Street.

Gourmet Street – This is the street where the highest rated restaurants in Restaurant City are located. You should make it your goal to get your restaurant on this street.

Restaurant City Strategy

Restaurant City Game Strategies Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant City

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityCollect ingredients – There are several ways to get Restaurant City ingredients such as visiting other friends’ restaurants, the daily freebie, winning them by correctly answering the daily food quiz, buying them (although I wouldn’t advise it in the beginning), trading ingredients with friends, and by planting seeds in your Restaurant City garden to grow ingredients. Collecting new ingredients allows you to learn more recipes which in turn permits you to earn more coins.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityLearn recipes – After collecting ingredients you need to learn more recipes. While you can only serve one dish per course (i.e. starter, main course, dessert), each recipe is worth a different amount of gourmet points. So as you unlock and learn new recipes, you should select the one that generates the most gourmet points when served. Generally speaking the higher the recipe, the greater the gourmet points.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityDon’t over/under staff – I would suggest you assign one waiter and one chef for every three tables. You can do more or less depending on the way you’ve designed the table layout. Just make sure that you’ve aligned the tables so that the waiters can easily access them.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityCreate an optimal table layout – Placement of your tables is crucial for fast and efficient serving by your waiters. Many people like to align their tables in a row formation with chefs positioned at each end so waiters can quickly pickup orders and serve them fast. In contrast, others like to arrange their tables in a maze format to allow their staff more time for clearing tables. Another table strategy is to arrange your tables in a horseshoe formation and put your chef in the center so waiters can quickly serve customers. Ensuring that you table layout is optimal helps increase customer turnover, thereby increasing your profits in a given amount of time.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityKeep your employees happy – Keeping your workers happy is important because they work faster. If their energy level gets to low the slow down and eventually stop working. As discussed previously you can increase their energy level by resting them or feeding them. If you rest them, they can’t work and feeding them costs money. You can always close your store to allow them to rest but I would suggest your feed your workers instead so you can continue to serve food and make more coins.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityKeep your restaurant clean – Hire a janitor to help keep your restaurant sparkling clean so your rating doesn’t decrease. The janitor will ensure that trash is cleared and all bathrooms are clean.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityFocus on earning coins – You can earn Restaurant City coins by serving meals, shaking trees near your restaurant, picking up trash, or buying coins via Playfish cash (obtained with real money). The best return on your investment is ensuring that your restaurant runs like a well oiled machine. However, there’s always time to earn extra coins by shaking those trees and picking up trash. Even though it’s a fast way to earn Restaurant City coins, I wouldn’t recommend buying coins with your own money.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityKeep that browser window open – Returning to play Restaurant City is beneficial as you can earn more gourmet points. When you close your window it limits your earnings potential; you will only earn a maximum of 2000 coins and gourmet points are capped as well.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityDon’t buy expensive stoves or arcades – All stoves have the same cooking speed so buying fancier, more expensive ones is a waste of money. Arcades are sometimes used to preoccupy customers while they wait but some Restaurant City players have reported that they can bring down ratings.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityIncrease your restaurant’s rating – You want to keep your restaurant’s rating high so the flow of customers continues and you can earn more coins, level-up, and earn more gourmet points. You can improve restaurant popularity by maintaining a highly productive eatery. Thus, you need to ensure employee energy level (a.k.a happiness) is always high by letting them rest or feeding them. When you’re not playing the game, let them rest and remove the door to your restaurant or simply block it with a chair. This will prevent customers from coming in and giving it a poor rating while your wait staff is resting.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityLevel up for high profit recipes – As you gain more gourmet points and level up, you should try new recipes that are more profitable. Remember you can only serve one item per course so make sure you choose your starter dish, main dish, and dessert dish wisely. Generally speaking, the higher the game level, the more profitable the recipe.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityPlan around your schedule – Employees last about 3 hours fully energized so it’s important that you return to the game to feed them before they slow down and your restaurant’s popularity suffers. If you can’t return to the game before then, you might consider resting your crew and removing the door to close your restaurant.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityRemodel your restaurant – Adding on to your restaurant allows your to increase the number of tables to seat more customers and earn more money. You can also use remodeling to get better ratings and find better table arrangements to increase productivity of your wait staff.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityBe a good friend – Giving gifts and helping your fellow Restaurant City members encourages them to do the same for you. Moreover, you are rewarded for carrying out such acts of kindness with gourmet points and awards.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CitySkip the bragging – As you accomplish new goals and reach new levels playing Restaurant City you’ll be given the opportunity to post such accomplishments to your profile thereby notifying your friends. If it’s not a huge achievement, hit the skip button as many Restaurant City players and Facebook friends find this to be very annoying. That is, every time you post such things they appear in your friends’ news feed and if you’re doing it often they may just unfriend you. To prevent annoying your friends you can change the default permissions for Restaurant City, and all Facebook games, as well as change your Facebook profile’s privacy settings with our Facebook Guide.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityChange web browsers – The most commonly used web browser is Internet Explorer which can be incredibly slow at times. If you find yourself waiting around for Restaurant City to start or the game occasionally lags, you might try using a faster browser like Opera or Google Chrome.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityBefriend correctly – Adding new Restaurant City friends is an important aspect of the game but there’s a right way to invite someone and there’s a wrong way. A simple “add me” will not suffice and is not considered proper etiquette. The proper way to invite someone is to include a message like “Restaurant City” or “Restaurant City add” with the invitation.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityBecome a fan of Restaurant City – Adding new Restaurant City friends is one of the most important parts of the game as it can help you win more Restaurant City coins, unlock ingredients and awards, as well as help you gain more gourmet points to level up. Hence, Restaurant City groups and fan pages on Facebook can be a great source for finding more friends.

restaurant city icon Ultimate Strategy Guide For Playing Restaurant CityShare your knowledgeSend us any Restaurant City tips or helpful strategies so we can include them in the official Restaurant City guide. By doing this you’ll educate other players, help keep the guide current with the latest Restaurant City tips, and help your own friends.

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