facebook pet game apps Best Facebook Pet Game ApplicationsFacebook pet game apps are becoming more and more prevalent. With so many online pet games to play on Facebook, it’s quite a chore to identify which ones are worth trying. Many of the pet games on Facebook share common requirements but they all possess their own unique aspects. Here we’ve identified some of the best Facebook pet games available so that you don’t have to try them all. Like all Facebook games, the ones listed below do not cost anything to play and you can easily uninstall them from your Facebook profile if you decide you don’t like them. If you’re not sure how to remove a game from your profile, see the Facebook Guide for details on how to do this. You may also want to review the best Facebook games list to discover other entertaining games that are available on the Facebook platform.

petville Best Facebook Pet Game ApplicationsPetVille – Zynga created this pet game to allow users to adopt and provide care for their virtual pet. PetVille players can dress, feed, and play with with pets to earn experience points and money. This is a very well built game with good graphics that do not affect page loading in Facebook. To find out more information on how to play PetVille, see our PetVille tips guide.

pet society Best Facebook Pet Game ApplicationsPet Society – Pet Society is similar to PetVille in that you can adopt pets and provide care for them but there are more specific tasks you need to complete on a daily basis for your pet. Not only will you need to feed and dress your pet but you must wash and cook for it as well. Your goal is to take care of your pet and earn coins and experience points to advance the various Pet Society levels. To learn more about how to play Pet Society, check out the Pet Society tips guide.

zoo world Best Facebook Pet Game ApplicationsZoo World – This pet game is a different from the others in that you can buy animals and add them to your zoo. You’ll need to take care of the animals and breed them to earn experience points and Zoo World cash. Purchasing new items for your zoo is important too as it ensures your visitors stay happy and they come back again. At first glance the game may appear a bit difficult to play but a quick look at the Zoo World tips guide will ensure that you’re well on your way to winning the game.

happy pets Best Facebook Pet Game ApplicationsHappy Pets – This pet game allows you to interact with your pets, adopt new pets, as well as feed and clean them. The various species of pets include kittens, parrots, hamsters, ducks, puppies, and turtles. As you provide care for them they’ll grow and you’ll acquire experience points and Happy Pets money. If you’d like to give this game a try, take a peek at our Happy Pets tips guide to find out how to play the game correctly.

wild ones Best Facebook Pet Game ApplicationsWild Ones – This is a unique pet game on Facebook where you can battle enemy pets. Like other pet games, you get to choose your pet, name it, and customize its appearance. Entering and winning battles with your pet will earn him experience points and Wild Ones money. You can find more information about how to play Wild Ones and great winning strategies by visiting the Wild Ones tips guide.

epic pet wars Best Facebook Pet Game ApplicationsEpic Pet Wars – This is not as popular as many of the other well know pet games created by the larger game developers. When you first begin the game, you will have to choose a pet and give it a name. Opportunities to interact with your pets include dressing your pet, buying other items for it, training your pet, and enter battles to earn coins and experience points. The more battles you enter and win, the more experience points and coins you’ll earn to advance in the game.

virtual pet farm Best Facebook Pet Game ApplicationsVirtual Pet Farm – In this Facebook pet game, you must purchase pets, breed them, trade them, and then sell them. The point of the game is to raise these pets and successfully trade or sell them to earn coins and experience points to level up and advance in the game.

pet shop Best Facebook Pet Game ApplicationsPet Shop – Pet Shop is another pet game that isn’t quite as popular as the others. Many people find this game a bit difficult to play and give up on the game shortly after starting it. The purpose of the game is to collect pets and coupons and then trade them for cash and other game items.

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