music facebook applications Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music LoversFacebook music apps allow you to listen to music on Facebook and share your favorite tunes with your friends. Music can be a very social experience and that’s why it’s not a surprise that there are so many music-related applications on Facebook. As one of the largest social networking platforms, Facebook is continuing to become the hub for our social lives both on the web and on our mobile devices. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite top Facebook music applications for your musical needs and listening pleasure.

pandora Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music LoversPandora – As a music discovery tool, Pandora links its Facebook app with your Pandora account in order to help you find more music to enjoy. Leveraging friends you already have on Facebook, Pandora is able to provide additional recommendations around your collective music taste. Share this on your Pandora app profile, and see the preferences of others. Sample music to determine whether or not you like it.

music by ilike Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music LoversMusic by iLike – This music app from iLike is rather focused on community. It’s the community-driven aspects of the product and the app that provide recommendations for this music discovery tool. You can also use the iLike app to track bands and receive alerts for upcoming concerts in your area, and view additional information on artists.

mixpod Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music LoversMixPod Music Playlist – The MixPod Music Playlist app on Facebook creates a mobile playlist widget to post on your profile. Link the Facebook app with your MixPod account and it will pull your playlist to port into the widget. Customize your music player with a handful of skins to choose from, search for additional music and share music with friends.

reverbnation Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music LoversReverbNation Music Player – Another tool for sharing your music playlist on your Facebook profile, the ReverbNation Music Player app plays fill tracks from artists promoting themselves through ReverbNation. Leveraging the Facebook community and members of its standalone site, the ReverbNation Discovery Feed makes finding new and cool artists a fun game. Combining recommendations with user-generated feedback, this game adds to the search and promotion capacity of ReverbNation’s site and its subsequent apps across social media platforms.

share song Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music LoversShare Song – Share Song by Grooveshark is another basic music disvoery tool, connecting music search back to the main Grooveshark service. Type in an artist that you are looking for, and based on the results you can select which song you would like to hear. You’ll get a full version of the song, and a few options to share the tune with your Facebook friends. Select individual friends to receive a private recommendation or post the song to your profile.

imeem Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music LoversImeem – Imeem’s music Facebook app is yet another way in which to connect your social networking life with your media catalog on Imeem. Already a social site, Imeem extends access to user-generated content being shared on its platform. Through the Imeem app on Facebook, that media can be further shared across your social graph. Create music playlists, mark your favorite artists and share items with friends.

band tracker Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music LoversBand Tracker – While a few music-related Facebook apps allow you to follow your favorite band or artist as they tour, the Band Tracker Facebook app is dedicated to your need for local culture and entertainment. From Oodle, the Band Tracker app combines personal recommendations, the ability to track artists and bands, and integrated social mechanisms for collectively enjoying content from artists. With map integration, scheduling tools and invites, the Band Tracker turns every concert into a major event.

music challenge Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music LoversMusic Challenge – Put your tuned skills to the test with this fun and social music Facebook app. Listen to a clip from each song and see if you really can name that tune. The fun of this game being on Facebook is that it becomes social, particularly with those friends you already know. Challenge others to a game, get high scores to top the leader board and improve your tune-naming skills.

music by reverbnation Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music LoversMusic by ReverbNation – Somewhat separate from the Music Player app from ReverbNation, this music app is designed for artists looking to promote their content. With this app you can leverage Facebook to spread the word about your content, helping to push your songs and videos to a viral status. Easily post content on friends’ walls, and encourage sharing across the Facebook network. By listing your content in the ReverbNation catalog, it is also accessible through the Music Player app, which is created for music fans.

music mystore Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music LoversMyStore Music – From Nimbit, the MyStore Music app on Facebook is an artist-to-fan tool for creating a storefront on your profile. With this storefront you can sell your music directly to other Facebook members from your Facebook Page. Sell mp3s, CDs, DVDs and eTickets for your shows with the MyStore Music storefront. Promote your work across Facebook and redirect users back to your Fan Page, where they will be able to buy your content.

last fm Facebook Apps For Musicians And Music Profile – This is a nice Facebook app that tracks all your favorite tunes from Once activated you can add a tab to your profile to easily view your info from the friendly confines of Facebook.

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