facebook fish game apps Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsNew Facebook fish game apps seem to be launching nearly every week. Currently there are over ten different online fish games to play on Facebook. With so many aquarium games on Facebook, it’s quite a task to identify which one may be the best fit for you. The range of online fishing games varies from the simple aquarium tank game to much more elaborate fish farming game simulators. Listed below are the best Facebook fish games that have been launched to date. We’ve included a short summary of each Facebook fishing game to assist you in identifying which one may be to your liking. With just a press of a single button you can install or uninstall these free online games to your Facebook profile. Refer to our Facebook Guide if you’re unsure how to manage your profile settings and Facebook applications. If you’re interested in other games however, see our list of the best Facebook games.

happy aquarium Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsHappy Aquarium – This online fishing game was developed by CrowdStar and boasts many millions of monthly active users on Facebook. Happy Aquarium players may adopt baby fish to feed and nurture them to become adults. Upon doing so you may mate your fish or sell them to gain experience points and coins. Other game features include the ability to vote and rank tanks, visit Happy Aquarium neighbor tanks, decorate and expand your fish tanks, and renaming your fish. To learn more about this game see our Happy Aquarium tips and strategy guide.

fishville Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsFishVille – An online fish game create by Zynga where you must wait for fish eggs to hatch and then provide the proper care and feeding it takes to help them reach maturity. The fish can grow through four life stages in total and if you wait until they reach stage four before you sell them, you’ll earn you more coins and experience points. As you reach new FishVille levels you’ll be rewarded with more fish tanks and access to new fish. If you’re searching for additional information on how to play this game, check out our suggested FishVille tips.

fish world Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsFish World – A fish tank game where you purchase fish eggs, wait for them to hatch in your tank, and feed and nurture them to adulthood. Upon reaching maturity, you can sell your fish to collect more money. Extra tanks, decorations, and backgrounds can be added to expand your lucrative fishing operation. Interestingly, your friends can steal your fish in this game but if you login within four hours of this occurring, you may steal them back. If this game interests you, take a look at our Fish World tips and strategy guide post to discover how to play the game effectively.

fish isle Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsFish Isle – This Facebook fish game is similar to the FarmVille but instead of farming crops, you’re farming fish. In the beginning of the game you’re given an island where you can add buildings, decorations, and other items. Depositing fish eggs to hatch and grow is your primary concern as a fish farmer. Once your fish are fully grown, you can harvest them to earn money and you can even steal fish from your Fish Isle friends if you wish to do so. More insightful information on this Facebook game can be found by reading our Fish Isle tips article.

fish friends Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsFish Friends – A Facebook fishing game developed by Playdom where players can buy baby fish, name them, and grow them to adulthood to earn experience points and money. You may interact with your fish by petting, tickling, or pinching them and if you no longer want them, you can return your fish. Aquariums may be decorated with various items or plants that can be purchased from the store.

fish life Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsFish Life – This online fish game created by Clipwire Pte Ltd is an aquarium simulator where you can raise and sell fish for experience points and money. Players are allowed to decorate and clean their tanks plus complete various missions to accrue more coins and experience points towards leveling up in the game.

fish town Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsFish Town – Permits you to feed and catch fish as well as feed your neighbors’ fish to gain experience points and level up in the game. Fish Town players can decorate their tanks with various themes, buy multiple tanks, and take snapshots of their aquariums. Other game features include a daily lottery and growth pills that can be used to increase the growth rates of your fish.

little rock pool Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsLittle Rock Pool – An online fish game create by Meteor Games in which players can create their own underwater world of fish. Participants can hatch and catch fish as well as explore the ocean floor and collect various important game items. Completing these tasks will earn you experience points and help you advance in the game. You can also harvest plants and decorate your Little Rock pool.

my aquarium Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsMy Aquarium – This Facebook fish game isn’t quite as popular as the games listed here. The My Aquarium game allows player to interact with fish by feeding, cleaning, playing, and catching them. You’ll earn coins and experience points for completing such actions in addition to selling your fish and stealing them from friends.

my fish Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsMy Fish – My Fish is an online fish game created by RockYou where you’re given the opportunity to raise fish and interact more with your Facebook friends. Players are assigned several ocean coves for which to raise, breed, and play with their fish and competing My Fish players may freeze their opponents’ fish to gain the upper hand.

my fishbowl Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsMy Fishbowl – This online fish game permits you to hatch fish, catch fish, and collect items from the ocean floor. As you collect these items you’ll earn experience points to advance you towards new My Fishbowl levels. You can also sell the treasures you collect from the ocean floor for extra cash and use that money to buy more fish or decorate your own fishbowl.

top fish Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsTop Fish – An online fish game created by Slide that lets you purchase various fish, nurture them to adulthood, and then release them to earn money. Players can earn extra coins and experience points by decorating and cleaning their fish tanks as well as visiting their friends’ aquariums.

bubble fish Best Facebook Fish Game ApplicationsBubble Fish – This Facebook fish game incorporates lots of underwater scenery and tons of new fish to collect and trade with your friends. Fish are collected by playing mini games and by through bubble fish that deliver them to you.

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