facebook farm game apps Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsFacebook farm game apps are wildly popular these days. Facebook developers offer many online farm games for users to play making it nearly impossible to decide which one to choose. Of course, some of the online farming games offer a lot more than others but as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best Facebook farm games that are currently available. We’ve provided a brief description of each Facebook game to help you decide which ones you may want to test. All of the Facebook games listed below are totally free and they can easily be removed from your Facebook profile. If you need some help on how to do that as well as how to change your Facebook profile settings, check out our Facebook Guide. If the games listed below are not to your liking, see our collection of the best Facebook games to play.

farm town Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsFarm Town – This was one of the first farm games to appear on Facebook. It was great when just starting out and the developers are constantly adding new things. The goal for this game is to plant crops, harvest them, and sell them. You can also hire other players to plow and harvest for you, which will earn you more coins. If you are short on coins, run to the market and wait to be hired. You can harvest for other people and really roll the coins in. For more info see our Farm Town tips for growing your farm and learning how to play the game effectively.

farmville Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsFarmVille – FarmVille was similar to Farm Town when they first launched, but over time, they took a different direction. Not only do you plow, plant, and harvest crops, but you can also raise animals and collect from them. You can also build stables and coops for your animals. This game is a bit challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it is pretty fun. Take a look at the FarmVille game guide for more FarmVille tips and hints to succeed in the game.

barn buddy Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsBarn Buddy – Barn Buddy is a bit difficult to navigate. The avatar is not great because your default photo from Facebook is used in the face part of your avatar. So, it looks really weird. The point of this game is to plant crops and harvest them. You are only allowed so many plots, but can buy more once you level up. The fact that you aren’t free to plow the plots you want, may make you want to try out something else in this list. Otherwise utilize the Barn Buddy tips we’ve outlined in our guide to begin your farming adventure.

lil farm life Best Facebook Farm Game Applications(Lil) Farm Life – This is a cute little farm game that allows you to plow new plots, plant crops, and harvest them when they are ready. You can get around the game fairly easy and it is pretty fast. Your crops in this game will not go to waste unlike a lot of other games. You can also buy trees and harvest them when they are ready. See our Lil Farm Life tips to learn more about this game.

tiki farm Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsTiki Farm – Tiki Farm is similar to all of the other games, but when you harvest crops, you are given what is called Spirit gifts. These gifts are actually free seeds that you can plant. This game is very slow and it is hard to do anything because every second you have a pop up. When you are plowing, harvesting, or planting, boxes are constantly popping up asking you to publish stuff and telling you that you have been rewarded for something. To find out how to turn this off, review the Tiki Farm tips and tricks guide.

country story Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsCountry Story – Country Story is your basic plow, plant, and harvest farm game. This game offers better graphics than some of the others in this list. You are free to plow as many plots as you can afford. You can also purchase animals and harvest them when they are ready. Lying around your farm will be different items that you can collect to quickly earn XP points which will help you level up. Use the Country Story tips guide to expand your farm and learn how to grow your crops efficiently.

country life Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsCountry Life – Country Life is a farm game that allows you to grow crops, feed them to animals, and place ingredients in machines to produce things like cheese, bread, and sweaters. This is more of a strategy game where each animal requires a different crop to produce such goods. After harvesting items you must collect ingredients to make certain products. Take a look at the available Country Life tips to discover ways in which you can advance in this farming game.

happy farm Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsHappy Farm – This game is a bit difficult to figure out. The plots and other graphics are really bulky in size. You have your basic plowing, planting, and harvesting options, but you are only allowed 6 plots. So, it will take you a while to build your coins. You must be on certain levels to buy more plots and they are very expensive.

farm country Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsFarm Country – This is a relatively new game compared to the others, but it is growing quickly. This game is very similar to Country Life. You can plant crops to feed to your animals and then place the items from the animals in your factories which in turn will produce the final product. You can plow as many plots as you can afford and the seeds are fairly cheap to plant. However, the animals and factories are a bit expensive, so you should focus on planting and harvesting before buying factories.

farm pals Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsFarm Pals – This game has been around for a while, but it is not as great as some of the others in this list. The down side to this farm game is the fact that your friends can steal from you. You can purchase a dog to protect your crops, but they are very expensive and if he gets hungry, he will not protect your crops. You only have 6 plots starting out and then you will have to expand once you reach a higher level and it will cost you quite a bit.

farm valley Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsFarm Valley – This is newer game that has a lot of potential. It is your basic plow, plant, and harvest game. It is similar to Farm Town with the plowing and harvesting options. You can click the tractor or truck and choose how many plow you want to plow or plots you want to harvest. With a little work, this game will climb to the top quickly.

jungle extreme Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsJungle Extreme – Jungle Extreme is a farm game with a twist. You are farming in the jungle where you will have to chop trees to expand your land. At night time, the jungle will get dark and you will have to light a lantern to see. You can purchase animals, trees, and decorations for your jungle. You can also pick up bugs and other items to earn coins and points.

my farm Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsMyFarm – MyFarm is a very basic game with few options. With a little work, this game could become a hit. You can do the basic plowing, planting, and harvesting in this game. There is no avatar in this game, so you can quickly plow, plant and harvest. The store is great. It is filled with many things you can purchase for your farm.

sunshine ranch Best Facebook Farm Game ApplicationsSunshine Ranch – This is a simple little farm game that allows you to plant crops and seeds. You can purchase decorations and backgrounds for your farm to decorate it and change the look of it. Once you reach level 6, you can get your Ranch, which will allow you to raise animals.

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