facebook animal game apps Best Facebook Animal Game ApplicationsFacebook animal game apps seem to be one of the most popular game genres available on Facebook. The abundance of online animal games to play on Facebook makes finding a decent game for animal lovers a bit challenging. We’ve sorted through many of these games to come up with a list of some of the best Facebook animal games. These free online games can easily be added to your Facebook account and removed if you don’t like them. To learn more about how to change the settings on games, check out the Facebook Guide. For other types of popular games you may like, see the best Facebook games list.

zoo world Best Facebook Animal Game ApplicationsZoo World – A Facebook game created by RockYou! where your primary goals include buying animals, taking care of them, and earning money from visitors. As you progress in the game you’ll want to purchase drink stands, food stands, restrooms, and other items to place in your zoo. You’ll also be given the opportunity to breed your zoo animals. Be warned however, as this takes some considerable effort and you should only attempt this job if you have a lot of times on your hands. To learn more about Zoo World and how to play it, see our Zoo World guide.

animal ranch Best Facebook Animal Game ApplicationsAnimal Ranch – An animal game that’s very similar to any farming game on Facebook, except that you’ll be planting animals in plots. In this game, you will need to purchase the animals you want to plant and plant them in each plot. Once they are grown, you can use the gathering tool to collect them. You’ll earn experience points by cleaning your animals, making sure their happy, and by helping out your friends.

ranch life Best Facebook Animal Game ApplicationsRanch Life – As you play this game you will need to purchase animals and nurture them toward adulthood. Your animals will start out as babies, grow up and eventually produce babies themselves. This game is a bit difficult for some people so you may need to put in some extra time in the beginning of the game just to get the hang of it.

safari life Best Facebook Animal Game ApplicationsSafari Life – In this animal game you’ll buy animals and place them in your safari where you must look after them to ensure their survival. The game has an environment-friendly aspect that encourages players to consider their safari as a life-based economy where man-made chemicals and pollutants damage the ecological system. Players can interact with their animals to make them smile, get upset, jump, and display other feelings or actions.

happy habitat Best Facebook Animal Game ApplicationsHappy Habitat – In this Facebook animal game, your objective is to purchase plants to attract animals. When the animals arrive you’ll need to feed them and complete other tasks to care for them. Players can breed animals and sell them to earn experience points to level up and coins to buy other stuff.

animal paradise Best Facebook Animal Game ApplicationsAnimal Paradise – After adding this game you’ll need to purchase animals for your ranch and care for them. You must feed and water your animals and keep them healthy so they can reach maturity. Once they are fully grown, they’ll begin to produce valuable goods that you can collect.

animal swapping Best Facebook Animal Game ApplicationsAnimal Swapping – This game’s purpose is defined by its name. That is, one of the main goals for Animal Swapping is to swap animals. Once you’ve gathered three animals in a row, you’ll receive experience points, the row will clear, and you can continue advancing in the game.

spp! ranch Best Facebook Animal Game ApplicationsSpp! Ranch – This is one of the newer Facebook animal games contained in this list. As you play the game, you’ll need to purchase animals, care for them, and collect from them when they produce for you. You’ll collect experience points for completing tasks and earn money along the way.

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