email marketing service providers Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedOnline email marketing services and newsletter services are online marketing tools used to share your product, service, or ideas to your audience. Whether it’s for a commercial or nonprofit venture, email marketing campaign services are still an effective medium by which to connect with those that share a common interest. If you own a blog, a newsletter service can expand your readership offering another layer of access and information to those that are interested in your content. Below we’ve compiled a review list of the best email marketing services that compares information on differing features and pricing between these providers. If you believe we’ve missed an important full service email marketing provider please let us know so we may add it to our list.

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icontact Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparediContact – As an industry leader, this email marketing provider is known for their 98-99% message deliverability. Even though they offer superior features, their interface is very simplistic and which makes it great for those just starting out. They have a set of standard and advanced features; the advanced features are generously included in your chosen membership for free. Standard features include: mail-merge personalization, message scheduling, forward-to-a-friend, assured can-spam compliance, opens and click tracking and more. Advanced features include: multiple message autoresponders, RSS feeds, advanced analytics, event management, surveying tools and more. They have over 300 HTML templates or you can simply use your own. They also have an integrated WYSIWYG editor to make creating emails easy. You will even receive 500kb of storage to host your images.

Pricing: Prices range from $9.95/month for 250 contacts to $699.00/month for 100,000 contacts.

They are currently offering a 15-day trial offer; no credit card required. You’ll be allowed to send up to 500 messages to up to 250 subscribers. Trial includes the full set of features and free technical support.

constant contact Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedConstant Contact – You can create HTML emails using their easy-to-use point, click, cut and paste technology. They have over 400 professional customizable email templates to choose from; it’s very easy to integrate your own photos, colors and logo. Don’t have a large email list? No problem, they’ll help you grow your list starting out with as little as 5 email addresses. They will teach you to build and manage your own “permission-based email list”. You’ll also be able to view real-time statistics and track the performance of your outgoing messages.

Pricing: Range from $15/month for 0-500 contacts to $150/month for 10,001-25,000 contacts. If you will have over 25,000 contacts you’ll need to contact them for pricing.

They’re currently offering a 2-month free trial; no credit card needed. With this offer you’ll be able to send an unlimited number of newsletters to up to 100 contacts. You can also send an unlimited amount of surveys, polls, and event invitations though there are some limitations as to how many responses you can receive.

vertical response Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedVertical Response – This provider offers email marketing, online surveys and postcards for consumers. With their email marketing and newsletter service you have over 500 professional templates to choose from along with click through statistics. For their online surveys they provide dozens of templates to choose from. With their postcards service you can create and send fully colored postcards right from your browser; they will do all the printing and mailing for you.

Pricing: You can choose to pay monthly with plans starting from $10/month or pay-as-you-go with the use of email credits. Postcard pricing ranges based amount that you will send and the size (small or large) of the card. Sending 1-9 postcards is as little as $.97 (small) or $1.59 (large). Survey pricing is based on the amount of responses you will receive per month. For instance, 1,000 responses will cost you $13.50/month; surveys can also be paid on a 6-month or 12-month basis.

They are currently offering a 30-day free trial; no credit card required. This trial includes access to all of their paid features.

campaigner Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedCampaigner – This online email marketing service offers a simple, inexpensive system with over 450 professional email templates to choose from. They will even style your first business email template for free. Their free introduction webinar will get you started using their system in no time. Their online editor makes creating campaigns even easier since there’s no need to know HTML. Do you already have an email list? No problem, you can easily import it without having to start all over. Their real-time reports will help you monitor and improve your campaigns more efficiently. They will even host all of your images for you and with their drag and drop feature, adding images is a snap.

Pricing: Prices range from $10/month for 1-500 contacts to $40/month for 2,501-5,000 contacts.

They are currently offering a 30-day free trial. This offer will include all of the paid features in addition to their 450+ email templates. You will also be able to use their opt-in web forms to help grow your email list.

stream send Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedStream Send – An “award winning permission based e-mail marketing solution created by marketers, for marketers”. With this service provider, you have the ability to create, build and manage high quality lists utilizing their web sign up forms, list importing tools, subscriber/unsubscriber management and more. Though they do offer HTML templates, you can also use their HTML editor to create your own emails. You’ll also get free weekly access to their Deliverability Webinar to help you create and maintain successful campaigns. Tracking your emails are easy with their real-time reports and Google Analytics integration.

Pricing: Prices range from $19.90/month for 2,000 emails to $159.90/month for 100,000 emails. You can also add an additional 1,000 emails to any plan for a small monthly fee.

They are currently offering a 30-day free trial, which will let you send up to 200 emails.

get response Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedGetResponse – This email marketing provider is used by well-known companies and lets you create newsletters, follow-up emails and even video emails. They have over 300 professional HTML templates to choose from. They also offer social media integration with sites like Facebook and Twitter. GetResponse Multimedia Studio is an innovative way to add media to your emails. You can record and store audio and video files of up to 100MB. GetResponse Surveys are very easy-to-use with their point and click designing and the ability to ask as many questions as needed. They even an iPhone application that lets you keep up with your statistics and subscribers on the go.

Pricing: Prices range from $18/month for 11-500 contacts to $145/month for 10,001-25,000 contacts. If you have more than 25,000 contacts you’ll need to call for a quote. Having just 0-10 contacts is always free. While the use of unlimited surveys is always free, adding audio and video to your emails is not; this will cost you $10/month with a limit of 100MB.

aweber Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedAweber – An email marketing service that offers user-friendly email marketing tools and skilled customer service by phone, email, and live text chat. Their email newsletters are professional and eye catching with over 103 HTML templates to choose from. You can choose to use your own HTML or use the message editor to create the body of your newsletter. You can also create follow-up autoresponders which are sure to help you create lifelong client relationships. These messages can be personalized and scheduled for convenience. If you’d like to keep track of read emails and clicks, you can do so via reports from their email web analytics. If you are a blog owner, you can take advantage of their blog newsletters which will turn your blog’s RSS into professional newsletters. These can be sent out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Pricing: They currently have an Account Plan that can be paid monthly ($19.00), quarterly ($49.00) or yearly ($194.00) after which you’ll need to pay for any additional subscribers. Up to 500 subscribers are included with the Account Plan. If you are needing more prices range from an additional $10/month for 501-2500 subscribers to an additional $130/month for 10,001-25,000 subscribers. If you need more than 25,000 subscribers, you will need to contact them for a quote.

They are currently offering a 1-month trial offer where you pay just $1 for the service.

benchmark Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedBenchmark – This online email marketing service provider is great for creating HTML email marketing campaigns with their appealing templates and list management tools. They offer email coaching and support with articles, tips, advice and more to help you build a successful campaign. Their contact list manager lets you keep track of an unlimited amount of contacts with 24-hour access. You can also keep track of your message stats with their real-time reports and export those reports to Excel. In order to ensure that your messages are error free, they even provide a built in spell checker. Lastly they offer customizable polls and surveys that can be place in emails or on websites; tracking is also provided and included in your stats.

Pricing: Prices range from $9.95/month for 600 emails to $375.00/month for 100,000 emails. Premium image hosting is an extra $5/month – includes storage of up to 20MB of images. If you prefer pricing bases on list size rather than emails sent, you can email them for that info. If you want to send 150,000 or more emails per month you will need their dedicated server program which ranges from $399.00/month for 150,000 emails to $1,999.00/month for 2,000,000 emails. Plus they charge a $199 setup fee. Premium image hosting is free with these plans.

They are currently offering a 30-day free trial; no credit card required. With this trial you’ll be able to send 250 emails and use all of the paid features.

mailchimp Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedMailChimp – With this email marketing campaign service you can build and manage your email lists with ease using their broad range of integrations. They current offer integrations with services such as: Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, Eventbrite, Picnic and more. They do not offer templates, instead they let you use their built in tools to create eye catching HTML email messages. Their tools “provide you with professional header graphics, fonts, and color palettes to customize the perfect email”. Plus, their extensive list of plugins lets you use their service with many of the top content management systems such as: Drupal, Joomla, Movable Type, WordPress, TypePad and many more.

Pricing: Prices range from $30/month for 501-2,500 subscribers up to $240/month for 25,000-50,000 subscribers – all with unlimited email sending limits. If you plan to have fewer than 500 subscribers, your account will be free forever with a sending limit of 3,000 messages per month. You can also purchase pay-as-you-go email credits if you’re planning on sending a lesser amount of messages per month.

pinpointe Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedPinpointe – Their “on-demand email marketing system empowers B2B marketers to target and personalize their communications based on prospects behavior, interests and characteristics”. They offer various resources such as webinars and research papers to help you grow your prospect list and increase your response rate. With their system you’ll have the ability to design emails and newsletters using their easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML editor, email templates and unlimited image hosting. Tracking and reporting has never been easier with the Google Analytics integration and in-depth click-through statistics.

Pricing: Prices range from $69/month for 5,000 emails up to $2,450/month for 500,000 emails. If you will be sending more than 500,000 emails per month, you will need to contact them for pricing.

They are currently offering a 15-day free trial though you will have to pay a onetime fee of $29. With this you’ll get a fully featured account with all features plus the ability to send up to 2,000 emails.

mad mimi Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedMad Mimi – This marketing email service was created with everyone in mind from beginners to pros. This is one of the simplest services for creating personalized, eye appealing newsletters and promotions. They offer customizable themes, autoresponders, Google Analytics integration, compatibility with Outlook 2007, forward-to-friend options and so much more. Each account comes with the ability to send an unlimited number of emails (to the amount of contacts specified in your plan) and an unlimited amount of storage. They also offer an extensive amount of list management features such as: unlimited lists, customizable web forms, automated unsubscribe and bounce management, and bulk unsubscribing.

Pricing: Prices range from $8/month for 500 contacts to $699/month for 350,000 contacts – 100 contacts are free.

bronto Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedBronto – Their advanced email marketing system offers top-notch deliverability, comprehensive analytics and in-depth reporting. They provide a Client Service Team which will help you build and execute a personalized plan to accomplish your goals. They also offer training via webcasts and blogs to give you tips and strategies in order to maximize your email marketing results. These educational resources can largely increase your knowledge in as little as 20 minutes per week. Their statistics are one of a kind, offering such things as: real-time graphs and reporting, exporting of reports to Excel, conversion tracking, Google Analytics integration and much more.

Pricing: You must call for a quote.

jango mail Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedJangoMail – A very “powerful email marketing platform that does almost anything”. Composing emails is a piece of cake with their HTML editor and templates. You can add your own headers, use different foreign languages, embed URLs and images, add attachments and more. With the ability to connect to almost any type of database, there’s no need for importing or exporting your data. Their statistics are top-notch with in-depth reporting of opens and clicks, activity tracking, GEO tracking, unsubscriber and bounce message tracking, Google Analytics integration and more.

Pricing: Prices range from $30/month for up to 1,000 emails to $3,200/month for up to 616,000 emails. If you need to send more messages, you will then have to pay per email. Sending 616,000 to 5 million emails will cost you $.005 per email, while sending more than 5 million emails will cost you $.004 per email.

They are currently offering a free trial account that will let you send up to 50 emails per month. You can choose convert your free trail to a paid account at anytime.

boomerang Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedBoomerang – An email marketing service provider that lets you utilize their self-service and full-service email marketing tools to create newsletters, surveys and promotions. They offer an HTML editor and WYSIWYG editor plus over 300 newsletter templates to choose from. They also have a built-in spam checker that automatically checks each “job” you create; it helps to ensure email deliverability. They also offer bounce message handling and reporting to help make sure your messages are being delivered and read.

Pricing: Prices range from $9.95/month for up to 500 messages to $2,999.95/month 500,000 messages.

They are currently offering a free trial that includes 100 free email credits in order to test their service.

email brain Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedEmailBrain – A full service email marketing provider that offers powerful tools to help you create dynamic newsletters too. Along with their large template library they also offer an HTML and WYSIWYG editor as well as a foreign language editor. They will even provide you with online image and document hosting. They are known to have “some of the highest deliverability rates in the industry”. Their real-time reports and analytics help to track clicks, bounces, subscribers, forwarding and more. They are one of the few services that offer SMS messages to be sent to mobile users. Their SMS service supports over 216 carriers in over 160 countries.

Pricing: EmailBrain uses a credit system where 1 credit is equal to 1 email messages. Prices range from $9.95/month for 2,000 credits to $799.95/month for 400,000 credits – these prices are for periodic credits which expire at the end of each billing period.

Non-expiring credits can be purchased in addition to periodic credits and can be rolled over from month-to-month until used up. Prices for these range from $29.95 for 5,000 credits to $839.95 for 400,000 credits.

lyris Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedLyris HQ (Formerly EmailLabs) – This email marketing service lets you create and send email based newsletters and HTML messages as well as manage email lists. With their “visually oriented process”, there’s no HTML experience needed. Their segment and target email feature lets you send customized messages to different subscriber groups. You can even create “trigger messages” that will automatically send out messages based on subscriber events in your campaigns. Plus their Salesforce integration gives you access to online marketing tools that can greatly help improve your email marketing campaigns.

Pricing: They have four packages to choose from: basic, essential, comprehensive and comprehensive plus. You will need to call for a quote.

contact pro Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedContactPro – A marketing email service that does not offer templates but they do have a built-in HTML editor for creating attention-grabbing, professional emails. They also offer customizable subscription forms that can be embedded into any blog or website. Their in-depth tracking lets you see which messages were opened, what was clicked, how many messages were bounced, how many times messages were forwarded and much more. Logging in is convenient with their third party login feature; you can login using your Yahoo, Google, Facebook, AOL, Twitter or OpenID account. Each plan allows you to send an unlimited number of emails with automatic upgrading based on the amount of subscribers you have.

Pricing: Prices range from $9/month for 101-500 subscribers to $1,000 per month for 500,001-750,000 subscribers. Having 0-100 subscribers is free and also included unlimited sending and support.

enterprise mailer Email Marketing Services Reviewed And ComparedQuexion Enterprise Mailer – This one is great for beginners because of their helpful resources, as well as pros because of their abundance of tools. They currently offer live chat, email and phone support for free as well as how-tos and articles with tips and strategies. You can create personalized HTML emails using your own code or using their template designer; they also have several templates to choose from. You can also work with their design team to create your own unique custom template with branding and all. Their campaign tracker gives you detailed results that will let you know when emails were opened, by who and how many times. You can also see which emails were bounced in order to increase deliverability.

Pricing: Prices range from $29.95/month for 1,000 messages to $649.95/month for 150.000 messages.

They are currently offering a free trial that will let you send 5 email messages; no credit card required. This trial is mainly in order for you to test their service.

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