From Pantyhose to Pajamas - The New Women's Business Model
From Pantyhose to Pajamas - The New Women's Business Model

I grew up as a child of the 90’s. I had a lot of women role models that I would sit and imagine becoming. My usual heroes starred on Saved By the Bell, or they wore Hammer pants, slap bracelets, and giant oversized overalls. I also grew up in an era where the ideal working woman was a high-powered executive donning shoulder-padded business suits and tight nylons. I imagined that one day I would become one of these women. I would work in a high rise office, yelling at my assistants to bring me seven more cappuccinos while I scheduled important meetings and fit in manicures.

My daughter is not going up in the same world that I knew. I have watched the world evolve into something so different than what I experienced. With the digital age comes a new form of women role models. There is a shift from thinking that prestige comes from working in a busy, congested corporate world. There is instead a new dream of relaxation, comfort, and flexibility. More and more, women are told that they can do it all. That they can be financially successful, even run their own businesses, while never even leaving the comfort of their own homes. That they can be there to support their children not only physically but financially.

What has made this change possible? Successful business models that can be accomplished while women work in their pajamas. If you are looking to find a place in this new world that is steering away from restrictive pantyhose, then you can look into any of these three following business models. They all still require hard work and dedication, but success is to be had in so many different ways.


Why is blogging so popular? Many mothers were previously caught in the trap of feeling alone and isolated when they could not leave their house and interact with others. Blogging is a new way of sharing your own thoughts and opinions with the world. Blogging can create an avenue in which to share your own perspective and feel a sense of community with others. Blogging creates a sense of trust and rapport by sharing your expertise, and then generating conversation and support from your readers. It can then turn profitable. You can generate money from blogs by creating a following, then allowing sponsors to advertise on these blogs. Blogging is also enticing as its access is nearly universal. All you need is a bit of a time and access to the internet, and you can let your feelings fly. It is so promising to think that you can make money by just sharing a piece of your mind.

Multi-level Marketing

Referred to as an ‘MLM’ business, this is a marketing strategy where a company can used a non-salaried workforce to sell their products. Many women have found huge financial success by using their own contacts to sell products ranging from lipstick to work-out programs. Women are able to make more and more money if they are able to sign others up to sell the same things they start with. It can be appealing to some to use word-of-mouth marketing to generate business, simultaneously creating friendship and networking opportunities. Most of these MLM models are able to be completed from the comfort of homes, or even setting up neighborhood ‘parties’ for consumers to sample the products and purchase. I have noticed more and more products that are geared towards women, as the sales force as well as consumer base is ready and waiting to find them.


Industries all over the planet need transcription services for things ranging from TV Show captioning to medical transcription. These industries often find it more profitable to hire their transcription to a third-party rather than keeping it in-house. Women are able to snatch up these jobs pretty quickly, and can earn more money the faster that they can type. Mothers often find these jobs appealing as it can be done quietly from home, during a child’s nap time. This job is often pressure-free, as many of the work is to be completed at the employee’s own pace.

I now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that my child’s future is open and flexible. Her ideals can include the thought that she can be anything she wants to be, and that she can wear anything that she wants to wear. I am grateful to the digital age for allowing us to believe that success can come to anyone, at any place, and that we can also throw those stupid pairs of pantyhose in the garbage if we want to.


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