How Important is Moisturizer for my Skin?
How Important is Moisturizer for my Skin?

Your skin in its entirety is an organ. Sure, it may not be similar to, say, your heart or liver as an organ, but as an organ, it still needs water to thrive. Think about all of the junk you come in contact with each day – and not just the things you touch, but the air you breathe in. You come in contact with many elements, pollution, and dirt. Skin, as an organ is responsible for being the physical barrier that keeps toxins from entering your body.

Moisturizer is essential for our skin as its primary job is to rehydrate your skin. Due to the environment, stress, and other factors, your skin can dry out faster than you even realize.

So, just how important is water, or moisturizer, for your skin? To answer that, think back to the last time you put lotion or moisturizer on your skin. The chances are that you fall into one of three categories:

  1. You moisturize every day or every other day. It is part of your routine.
  2. You moisturize once a week or every other week if you forget.
  3. You can’t remember the last time you moisturized, or you don’t even own a moisturization product.

If you put moisturizer on today or last night, then you get it. It is important, and it is safe to assume your skin if feeling refreshed, smooth and soft today. Good work! If you regularly apply moisturizer, but you have missed the last few days, chances are you are not seeing a big difference at all. Honestly, it would hard to really see or feel the difference in your skin after a few days without moisturizing. Chances are, though, some areas of your skin feel just a little tight and dry. Your skin may also feel slightly ashy in some areas. It would be a good idea to start moisturizing again tonight and come up with a way where it becomes part of your routine.

Maybe it has been a month or so since you last applied moisturizer. If so, make it a point to moisturize tonight. Your skin will definitely thank you for it afterward. One of the many reasons moisturizer is so effective is found in its ability to now only add water back into your skin but also for its capability to trap the water in your skin that is already in there. If it has been a month, though, since you last applied lotion or moisturizer, your skin’s protective barrier is most likely on vacation. Essentially, your skin is so dry and lacking water that it is like a sponge, letting any prying exterior irritant walk right on in. This can lead to irritated and inflamed skin, occasional irritation from your clothes as well as redness in some areas. You should really moisturize tonight if you have waited this long.

If it has been a year or more since you last moisturized, you are facing some potentially serious skin issues beyond irritation and dry spots. If you continue skipping out on moisturization, chances are you will soon experience a decrease in overall skin elasticity, larger and more pronounced wrinkles, sagging skin and severe irritation. When your skin has been neglected enough to start showing these signs, a simple application of lotion becomes almost meaningless. You would then need to pursue skin procedures to get your skin back to a somewhat healthy state of being. Think of a grape as if it represented your skin and related skin health. If it is a little bit wrinkled, it is still salvageable. But if that grape has turned into a raisin, you are, well, out of luck.

With all of this considered, the criticality of daily moisturization quickly sets in. A daily application of moisturizer should be an absolute staple in whatever your health regimen is each day, whether morning or evening. If you want to keep you skin young and healthy, mostly blemish free and full of elasticity, a daily moisturizer is the way to go.

Daily moisturizing also helps our skin to repair itself from the process of shedding old and dead skin. It is natural for us to shed our dead and dried skin cells. It is part of the natural process that forces younger and more vibrant skin cells to the surface, rewarding us with a more youthful appearance and certain healthy glow to our skin.

Because we often do not do things to assist with the removal as dead skin cells, such as exfoliation, it is critically important that you intervene and help with that removal. This can be taken care of through daily moisturization. Using a lotion or moisturizing cream, slowly massage the cream into your skin (in most areas). The slow massaging motion of that cream with lead to increased blood circulation to the area you are targeting while simultaneously removing that top, outermost layer of dead skin cells. With the increased blood flow to that area of skin, the process of new skin creation is drastically jolted forward. With new skin cells comes the elimination of acne and associated acne scarring as well as any pigmentation issues you might have.

In addition to the quickened creation of new youthful skin, the massaging of your skin with moisturizer, our skin proteins (collagen and elastin) are stimulated as well. These are two important proteins for your skin if you are focused on maintaining healthy youthful skin. If the level of collagen is high in our skin, there will be less signs of aging on our skin. When we do not have enough collagen, issues such as fine lines or skin sagging start to show up.

Moisturizing also helps (in most cases) with protecting our skin from the sun. On a more increasingly popular basis, moisturizers are being beefed up with sunscreen enhancements to protect us from the sun’s rays. These rays, called UV rays, are critically responsible for pigmentation and aging.

There are many, many more benefits to skin moisturization, especially when done on a daily basis. Since our skin is unique to us, there is no one product in any store that would work for everyone. For some, a complete skin care system like Kyani fleuresse would be needed and for other just a simple daily moisturizer is more than enough. It is recommended that you reach out to or visit a dermatologist to ensure that you understand what, specifically, your skin needs and which moisturizer would best suit your needs.


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