Android Apps GPS Location Tmobile G1 Top 10 Free Google Android Apps With GPS For Your T Mobile G1In addition to Google Maps, are plenty of other great location-based GPS (Global Positioning System) driven Google Android apps available for free download in the Android Market. GPS can be very helpful when you’re needing directions, trying to find the closest restaurant nearby, or simply wanting to display your location to friends on some of the popular mobile social networks. Nowadays Android apps that utilize GPS can even help you find your T-Mobile G1 if it’s ever lost or stolen. Below are some of the best free location based Google Android applications (listed in no particular order) that integrate GPS.

1. Loopt – One of the most popular mobile social networking providers available. The Loopt Android app lets you see where you and your friends are located and display status updates of what you’re all doing. Loopt makes it easy to connect while on the go and easily share comments, photos, and cool places to visit.

2. Glympse – This Google Android application lets you share your location and movements in real-time with your family, friends, and coworkers. Instead of automatically updating your location, Glympse gives you greater control by allowing you to manually publish such information and a brief message for a specified amount of time. When you’re ready to send out a “Glympse”, you simply select recipients from you contacts list, select the time frame for which they will be able to track your location/movements, and choose the method of contacting them (i.e. SMS message or email). The recipient will then receive a link to view your location, message, and real time movement on a map. Check out the video below to hear more about Glympse.

4. Locale – Allows you to preset your phone’s settings according to conditions, your location, and the time of day. This can be particularly helpful to prevent your ringer from going off during important meetings, events, or when you’re at a specified location. Hence, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn off your ringer again; you simply set it and you’re done. The Locale SMS Plug-in Android app works directly with the Locale app to automatically send SMS messages based on the time and your location. There’s also a Locale Twitter Plug-in that automatically sends out tweets based on your location and the time of day. Both plugins permit you to easily and automatically update your family, friends, Twitter followers, and coworkers about where and what you’re up to.

5. Droid Tracker – Lets you share your location via SMS messages, Twitter (via Twidroid app), and email. Friends and family members can easily find you by simply sending an SMS message with a passcode to your phone which triggers a response to shoot them back your location. This can be particularly helpful if your T-Mobile G1 is ever lost of stolen. Interestingly, you can also set the app to take a picture and upload it to your Picasa album when sending the location to the recipient.

6. Tweetabouts – This Google Android application automatically updates the location on your Twitter profile via GPS. You can configure the radius and duration settings to tweet your exact location or an approximation of where you are.

7. Places Directory – An Android app that helps you find nearby businesses such as restaurants, theaters, and stores. It indicates the distance and direction to the place of interest as well as providing photos, ratings, and a phone number.

8. My Tracks – A Google android app that records your movements via GPS and tracks them on a map to include such statistics as time, distance, speed, and elevation. This Android app can be useful for many types of activities such as running, cycling, and hiking. The app also allows you to share your tracks, add them to Google Spreadsheets, see them on Google My Maps, as well as share them using Twidroid. Check out the My Tracks video tutorial below for more information about this Android app.

9. Speed Proof – A simple Android app that records your location and speed for later retrieval.

10. SIM Checker – Permits you to enter a phone number and email address to receive an alert if your phone is ever lost or stolen. If a different SIM card is added to your stolen Android phone, you’ll be sent the phone’s location.

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